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Driver State Power Error Blue Screen Crash in Vista

By gavindobbs84 ยท 6 replies
Feb 24, 2009
  1. Howdy -

    So I have recently installed a 750W Power Supply and a GeForce 9800GT + XO and have been suffering a problem where approximately every 30 minutes to an hour the computer will crash, go into the blue screen crash, and then start over. What happens before hand is the computer will begin chugging along and then all of a sudden have a crash in Windows Explorer and then the entire system will fail along with it.

    I have replaced the hard drive and reinstalled the operating system thinking that could be the case, but I still have the error occurring. I have check all the connections and have solid connections in my tower. And with that I am at a complete and total loss on what to do.

    I'm going to include the latest minidump files for review, and any information that can be provided willl be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,979   +71

    All 8 of your errors are 0x0000009F: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE

    A driver is in an inconsistent or invalid power state. Typically occurs during events that involve power state transitions, such as shutting down, or moving into or out of standby or hibernate mode.

    In other word, a driver is causing an inconsistant power state. Unfortunantely the files only listed disk.sys which is a core Windows driver.

    Upgrades can cause this issue. Question: Did you have these BSODs before upgrading your PSU and video card?

    Let me add one more thing. Your dump also indicated that a driver was accessing too long an IRP. The IRP structure is a partial opaque structure that represents an I/O request packet.
  3. gavindobbs84

    gavindobbs84 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No, the BSOD's started occuring once the video card and the graphics card were upgraded. I haven't been able to figure out why. I'm half tempted to find someone to run a diagnostic on the material and see if it's a matter of faulty hardware.

    What does that second error mean? The taking too long to access?
  4. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,979   +71

    Well, its not an error, it is telling you that whatever device driver is offending is staying in place when it needs to finish its task and "not bottle up the flow" so to speak. It blocks your I/O transfer of information

    One thing you could try and it is simple: Update (or reinstall) your video card drivers. The following steps are a good way of doing this to make sure you have a clean install.

    1. Download Driver Cleaner Pro (free version) to your desktop screen and install.

    2. Download the latest diver(s) for your video card but don't install them.

    3. Uninstall your video card drivers and reboot your PC into Safe Mode. Run Driver Cleaner Pro. If it doesn't find any video card drivers that is quite okay.

    4. Reboot and install new video card drivers.

    * If you choose to do this let us know your results.
  5. gavindobbs84

    gavindobbs84 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I followed it exactly and still found my computer crashing once the changes had been made.

    However, and this is silightly odd, I found another posting where the chap mentioned his external hard drive, the same one as mine to be honest (a Maxtor OneTouch 500 gig to be exact) being the cause of that problem and that the machine not restarting once the hard drive was unplugged. I did that and have had stability in my computer ever since. I think something corrupted my external to be honest.
  6. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,979   +71

    It can be that simple and honestly it can be something like your external harddrive that nothing indicates at first that it could be the cause.

    If you think about it since it appears to be the culprit and your errors were 0x9F it certainly would explain the blocking of the flow of I/O transfer of information.
  7. fatman1005

    fatman1005 TS Rookie

    hey there gavindobbs84
    Just wanted to let you know that I have had the same power state failures as yourself. I narrowed it down to my Maxtor external hard drive. It was causing repeated power state failures about a month ago so I changed from a firewire connection to a usb connection and everything ran fine for about a month. Now, recently it started again with the power state failures. I unplugged the Maxtor and everything runs very smooth. Seems there is something that makes the Maxtor not play well with my new dell computer. I had run the Maxtor 500 one touch for two years with my old HP with no problems. Now I guess I'll have to use it as a doorstop! I really want to use a external for my backups but now I'm afraid to try another brand because the Dell may be the real culprit. Maybe I'll go with an extra internal and see if that's a solution.
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