Dumping physical memory blue screen upon startup.

By skyle ยท 4 replies
Aug 25, 2011
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  1. I get this every time I log onto my account (or any other).. it sucks and it's been doing this for about 2 months :(. I REALLY am desperate to get my sound back since i'm a music producer wanting to play with his toys. I can only go in on safe mode which disables sound. Any ideas what's the problem?

    i CANNOT do a system restore, it wont let me, not even make a restore point. this virus or whatever it is, is smart. It like, disabled it or something.

    btw i'm on a windows 7. It's been upgraded possibly from a windows xp... not too sure since it was given to me.

    PS. I can't read what the blue screen says, it has a lot of text and only displays for 1 second. It happens 2 minutes after i log into my account.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    I'm afraid it is time to take it in for service to someone who can troubleshoot it properly and possibly save your data. From what you said here, most things you have already tried
  3. WebMasta

    WebMasta TS Rookie

    I HAVE GOT THE ANSWER (Win 7 Only!!)

    Hey man, i had this error too... I have got Win 7... I heard that Valve games like CS or other stuff make it appear so i uninstalled my CS... The blue screen has vanished... Until i have plugged in my camera and THEN opened the PC and it worked correctly.
    The next day i opened my PC again but the blue screen reappeared and the "Startup Repair" came in. It tried fixing the system but it didn't work... it has shown me an error bout something like if i have recently plugged in a camera or music player i have to unplug it and restart Windows... I did... It didn't work....
    But you see, when the error comes up, there is some writing in blue on the bottom left of the casette that says something about fixing problems manually with command prompt or something... Click it and a language selection case will appear, then a User logon screen... Log in with ur user or password (if you don't have a password then leave the space empty) and a screen with selections will appear... Choose the System Backup one (or sumthin like backup-ing) and choose the most recent date, click Restore or Rebuild or whatever and leave it restoring, reboot ur PC and... Voila! Ur PC is back to normal in no-time! :D
    P.S.-do NOT, i repeat, do NOT plug ANY USB device in the USB slot BEFORE opening the PC.
    P.S.S.-I have managed to do all this stuff with no professional help ( i am a 14 yr old earging to become a programmer at Rockstar Games ^_^)
  4. Tmagic650

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    Hey WebMasta,
    Thanks for the post, although if skyle hasn't fixed his computer already, in the past 3 months... He probably never will ;)
  5. WebMasta

    WebMasta TS Rookie

    Yeah... i rly dont care who is viewing this post... I only care if it helped ;)

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