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Jan 14, 2005
  1. First off, I am new here, so please be gentle.

    I recently purchased a Micro Advantage DVD +/- RW Drive (Model 16DDVDRW-A13). I am trying to install on a box with XP SP 2. The box has 2 existing drives - A DVD reader and a CD burner. I want to remove the CD burner and replace with the DVD burner.

    So, I set the DVD burner as a slave and installed the IDE and power cable. When I booted up, my CPU recognized the previously installed DVD reader and DVD burner (drives D & E, respectively). Windows shows drive E as "DVD RW Drive".

    My problem is, when I try to burn a DVD, my software does not think I have a DVD burner. I tried using EZ CD Creator 5 by Roxio. No dice - it gave me an error message stating I don't have a DVD burner. Then I tried the software that came with my DVD burner - Nero 6. Same thing - no DVD burner. What have I missed? I thought maybe it was a driver problem, but I don't think that is the case. Any help would be appreciated - sorry for the long post.
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    Welcome to Techspot !
    You are going to have to back up .
    Re install your Dvd burner as the master on that IDE channel and the Dvd player as the slave. Be sure you have the jumpers on the back of the drives set appropriately.
    Once your Bios and Windows recognizes the drives correctly then you can move on to the configuration/settings for the software.
    Next go to the Web site for yor burner and make sure you have the latest 'Firmware ' for your drive.
    I believe you may have some issues there but We can address those after you solve step above.
  3. rorycrane

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    Thanks for the quick response. All drives are functional/recognized now. Thanks for the help.
  4. kkaufman

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    Micro Advantage Model# 16DDVDRW-A13

    I have had this drive for 8 Months, Used to work Fine, Now Burns the first disk O.K. then heats up ? or somthing and quits.

    I tried to contact Micro advantage and here is the Bummer Dude Link:


    Purchased from Office Max, They gave me the "Bummer Dude"

    I have read from other sites that this drive may be a "A-Open Drive", Working on them as we speek.

    is this a Software or Firmware issue, any Info or Ideas welcome. :confused:

  5. Liquidlen

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    First check that link in your post .... I am not sure where you want us to go or look at.
    8 months should leave you still under warranty, 1 year ...No ... then spend a few $ and get a new one .
    Decent DVD writers are in the $60 odd dollar range.
    Not worth the bother to fix at a Shop, etc.
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