DVD burner to use with my laptop

By manwhocan
Dec 29, 2004
  1. Following review in the weekly newsletter I was thinking of buying an NEC ND3500A burner to use with my P4 2.66, 40gig, 256k, XP Home, laptop. Looking for suppliers i see there is now an NEC ND3520A available, but don't see any 'External' versions. Can anyone advise me if i can use this 'internal' drive externally, or if there is an external one on its way?
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    I'm using LaCie d2, it's the same as NEC ND3500A in external case.
  3. manwhocan

    manwhocan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    NEC v LaCie

    Hi, Thanks.
    Do you mean the Lacie is the same sort of device as the NEC, or is the NEC with a Lacie badge?
    All i'm after doing is getting the latest writer i can that's come from proven stock. I've read in so many threads both in Tech Spot forums and elsewhere about users having various problems with certain burners.
    Should have mentioned in my post that i'm in the UK. Don't know if the Lacie is available over here.
    Thanks again.
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