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Dvd plays one side and not the other side in pc

By polling
Feb 3, 2005
  1. just wondering if anyone can help me i recently purchased the dvd ray and tried to make a backup copy but i was constantly prompted that there was an unsupported format in the drive i called tech support and thay seemed to be baffled and didnt have any suggestoin the dvd is a region 1 and i was sure that it would play so to test the pc i grabbed a cd to see if it would play and it did i then grabbed a different dvd and it played also so i said to myself lets see if ray will play it would not but i flipped the dvd over and the bonus features loaded and played i had the same thing happen when i tried to play pulp fiction a couple of months ago it didnt play the movie but true to form it played the bonus features on the back side i have power dvd 5.0 pre installed and i use that to play all my movies i di a system check through the control panel options and it didnt help me it told me that everything was operational if someone think they know what could be wrong drop me a line i have dvd x copy and havent had any problems backing up any movies up until this time thanks in advance
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    DVDXCopy doesn't support all DVD encryptions. I've tried to make some backups of pretty old movies and it simply didn't work. It would create a simliar problem and it makes sense to me that the bonus features might not be protected.

    I find myself using AnyDVD in conjunction with DVDXCopy or CloneDVD when Xcopy fails.

    AnyDVD decodes a wide variety of DVD encryptions on the fly, making it appear to Windows that the DVD is unencrypted. This means any program that attempts to access the DVD will have no problem, including Xcopy.

    I use CloneDVD as an alternative to Xcopy because sometimes Xcopy just doesn't work the way it should.

    You can use the software as a free trial from www.slysoft.com. It's worth buying, if you backup a lot of your movies.

    Oh, I just realized you can't play some DVDs in your DVD player. :\ So I guess the above information isn't totally what you need.

    As a consumer of the drive, you don't have many options. But probably the best thing you can try is to update the firmware. Firmware is the logic software inside of the DVD drive that makes it work. Sometimes it can have bugs etc... Which may cause problems like the ones you are experiencing.

    Go to your drive' manufacturer's website and nab the latest firmware (if available) for your drive. You can find out what kind of drive you have - usually - by going to device manager. I'd list the steps, but it is different for different versions of Window.
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