DVD-R data disks not working

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Sep 15, 2004
  1. So far i've burned 2 data dvd's using nero and neither are readable by my regular dvd-rom drive(pioneer dvd-120) but they read fine in the burner(optorite ddo405). I'm using 4x memorex dvd-r disks. The first disk I burned at 4x and the second I one at 2x, no difference. I also have a HP laptop with Teac dvd/cdrw drive and it cant read them either. Is there something i'm doing wrong or a setting that I may have missed? The dvd's have avi's on them if that makes a difference.
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Maybe the brand makes the difference. Have you tried with other than Memorex?
  3. dgast

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    Does your burner support +r's? That is what I use for dvd video and data disks, and I have never had one issue with a disk that could not be read in various dvd-roms, players, and even PS2s. I use nero to burn data discs and sometimes for video disks. When you are burning the disk do you turn off multiple sessions? If not I would give that a try. I do not know if this will help at all, but maybe try using a +r if your burner supports it.
  4. Supra

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    I haven't tried any other brands. I bought this 25-pack thinking it was the best choice because they are -R's and I thought those were the most compatible kind and Ive burned several hundred Memorex CD-R's and never made a coaster. Ive made 3 DVD-Video disks that play perfectly in every drive and player I tried them in. I did turn off multisessions for both disks. I'll see if I can get my hands on a +R disk and try it and maybe a different brand. My dvd burner supports 8xDVD+R, 8xDVD-R, 4xDVD+RW, and 4xDVD-RW.
  5. LNCPapa

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    I've personally had better compatibility with +Rs - but that's prolly just because of my other hardware. The compatibility rates of the two medium should be very similar now.
  6. SNGX1275

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    This is sort of disheartening for me to here, I just got my brand new 8x DVD burner by Lite-On, and I bought a 25 pack of Sony 8x DVD-R disks... if those hogs don't work with my dad's laptop, or with the Panasonic 12x DVD drive I just removed from my comp (to put the burner in) I'll be pissed. (the 12x will go either into my k62 400 or my p2 300).
  7. nmavro73

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    I have recently bought the plextor px-712A and i had the same problem.I used princo dvd-r which are even on plextor's official compatible list.But what ever i made was readable only by plextor.I updated the firmware and the drive would not even read the disks anymore.After writing to plextor i used other disk-in this case TDK.it worked fine.The drive is just very selective with dvd-r.With dvd+r it has no problems.My problem now is to find some cheap dvd-r that work cause princos cost 0,6 euros and TDK 2 euro.Quite a difference if you burn like 4-5 a week
  8. GemMichaels

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    same problem with 2 burners

    I have a plextor px-712A (DVD RW)and a lite-on LTR-52327S CD RW.
    The plextor will read and burn to +rw, will not read anything else including dvds. Using Roxio drag-to-disk, it will burn cd-R, dvd-R, but won't read after the burn. says I have an I/O device error (computer reports no conflicts, no problems.)

    The Lite-On won't read anything but memorex.
    I've updated drivers, firmware and anything else I can think of.

    Anyone have any ideas of suggestions besides ripping them out of my computer and pitching them out the nearest window?
    I would appreciate any and all ideas, suggestions.
  9. SNGX1275

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    Think that is what you will have to do. Sounds like your plextor has a laser or 2 that isn't working properly anymore.

    Your lite-on seems to be extremely picky, if firmware didn't fix it then it is probably junk too.

    Good news is, unlike when this thread was started, DVD burners are now really cheap.
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