DVD writer trouble

By mudsow
Apr 20, 2008
  1. I have been happily burning DVDs for a few months when all of a sudden my burner was going very slow, then my system didn't recognize the drive. Being a novice, I figured my drive was going out. Simple enough, I bought another one to replace it and now I can't get this one to work either.

    I have a compaq computer, this is an HP DVD writer that I'm installing. It apears to be a simple plug n play thing what could I be missing?

    Or could it have been something else causing my computer to all ov a sudden not recognize my DVD drive?

    I've tried: uninstalling DVD drive and rebooting. I tried system restore to a few weeks ago, hoping if it were a system issue, that would solve it...nope

    We even took back a writer and got a new one assuming the one purchased was faulty, but now I don't know.

    It can now see the drive, you can read what's on the drive, but it can't play either audio or video. It won't open files. I tried installing a printing program from the drive, the drive spins but no info.

    The device manager says it is running properly...AARGH!

    There has to be something stupid I'm missing here. Could someone please help me? My computer is otherwise working just peachy.

    Thanks in advance,
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