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By thaull
May 7, 2011
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  1. I moved from New York to Florida a while ago, and i hooked up everything, but when I connect the DVI cable from the monitor to the video card, it doesn't work. (I used 3 DVI cords and the one that came when I bought the monitor) It worked in New York before packing everything.

    Right now the monitor is using a VGA cord to my laptop to use it, so the monitor works fine. Plugging the VGA cord to the MOBO itself doesn't work either. Could it be the video card gone bad, and how do I check if the MOBO is the problem? Also, it doesn't play the sound when it went to that welcome thing as I waited for it for an hour to play, so I don't think it even starts
  2. Mark56

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    When you tried the onboard graphics output did you remove the graphics card? if not try it.

    It could just be that something inside the case has come loose, open it up and reseat all the connections.

    When you boot do all the fans start running and can you hear if the hard drive is starting up?
  3. thaull

    thaull TS Rookie Topic Starter

    All the fans start up and everything works. I also checked inside the case to see if anything was dislodged, and everything was fine. I even took everything out and put it back together just in case. I also checked for bent pins, and they're all fine.
  4. Mark56

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    OK, disconnect absolutely everything, all the external stuff, speakers, keyboard, mouse, etc and disconnect everything inside, hard drive, CD drive, graphics card, any other cards, RAM and any wiring to card readers, front panel USB and audio conmnections. Just leave the PSU, mobo, and monitor connected and the connection to the on/off switch.

    Now boot it and if it reaches the POST screen start reconnecting parts one at a time.

    If it does not reach POST the mobo, PSU or CPU has developed a fault. You can eliminate the PSU by getting the pinouts from the motherboard site and checking the outputs on the big power connector that goes to the mobo with a volt meter, you should also check the 4 pin connector as well.

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