DVI to CRT adapter

By pkroks
Jun 28, 2005
  1. i aint been on the forums long, but i just wondered if there is such an adapter, to go from DVI out to CRT out. coz i getting an nvidia 7800GTX graphcis card with dual DVI and one SVideo out. but i don't have a flat screen. i live in africa and not many people have them (LCD/flat screen items), not in my town anyway, but i also don't like their quality. if there are such adapters, as i presume there are how much would they roughly cost, in US$?
  2. vnf4ultra

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  3. pkroks

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    cool thanks. how about if you buy a pc from alienware. will they still package the adapter or not?
  4. compguy

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    Yes they will send the adapter because I have a alienware 5500 and yes they will send you the adapter so you wont have to worry.

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