EA announces FIFA Stay and Play Cup virtual tournament in lieu of real soccer

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Most, if not all, sports leagues have canceled their respective seasons thanks to the global pandemic. Electronic Arts is hoping to ease some of that longing for sports by hosting a FIFA 20 tournament called the Stay and Play Cup on Twitch.

The Stay and Play Cup is a single-elimination tournament consisting of 20 well-known and historic soccer (or football if you prefer) clubs across Europe from April 15-19. Those clubs include Chelsea, FC Copenhagen, Liverpool, Real Madrid, and others. Each club will nominate a pro soccer player for a total of 20 players.

As part of the tournament, EA will donate $1 million to Global Giving's Coronavirus Relief Fund, which is undoubtedly worthwhile and significant given the circumstances. It dovetails with EA's "Stay Home Play Together" initiative, which was a series of special events around popular EA franchises like Apex Legends and Madden.

EA isn't the only one hosting virtual sports tournaments. NASCAR and Fox Sports teamed up to create the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitation Series that replaces real races with "simulation-style" esports competitions. Notable NASCAR veterans like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kyle Busch, and Bobby Labonte competed against each other while Jeff Gordon commentated.

The NBA and publisher 2K Games teamed up to put on an NBA 2K20 tournament hosted by ESPN. The first round of the tournament started on April 5th, with the quarterfinals finishing on April 7th. The semifinals and finals will commence this Saturday.

Obviously, athletic skill on the soccer pitch doesn't necessarily translate to success in a video game, but this should be a fun way for fans (especially in Europe) to enjoy the most popular sport in the world from their homes.

"We want to bring the global football community together with the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Stay and Play Cup, so millions of fans can experience the thrill of their favorite clubs and professional footballers playing -- even when we have to be apart," said Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts. "As part of 'Stay Home, Play Together,' we're working to help people around the world find more ways to connect through play. Combined with relief contributions we are making, we hope to make a positive impact in people's lives during this challenging time."

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It would be kind of cool to see the best of the virtual set playing alongside real soccer pros. I'll wager the gamers will do better, but of course if the tables were turned it would be a nerd bloodbath :)


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For better or for worse, Simracing are the only ones that can replace the real sport during this, see SRO GT3 or All-Stars from The Race, great races that everyone enjoy as much
The F1 events... meh


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Pity the vanilla game is diabolical.
On pc when modded the gameplay can be brilliant. Sadly Ea have found a way to block mods that are enabled via frosty so every update now makes a mess of all mods
Ea clearly don't want the game to play like football. In its vanilla form the gameplay is farcical with so many cpu ai bugs and errors in the coding.
I suspect the block the mods on pc because they just like flexing their power and control over people.
And now they have the cheek to have a fifa tournament with gameplay that's so far removed from the real game it's unreal
Shame on EA. But is anyone surprised by their attitude.