EA explains why Crysis 2 was pulled from Steam

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Jul 8, 2011
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  1. There has been some speculation about a possible break-up between EA and Valve, after Crysis 2 was pulled from the Steam platform and appeared on EA's new storefront sporting a…

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  2. @EA:

    Please repeat after me: "I will learn to share my toys with Valve."
    Now repeat: "Valve is not my enemy; high prices are."
    And lastly: "EA is a good company that it is making some very bad noise right now."
  3. paynetrain007

    paynetrain007 TS Rookie Posts: 88

    I think EA has a right to pull off of steam for that reason. They are a company and they own their games in their entirety. Should they not be able to have entire control of the game regarding its patches and DLC? Although using Steam's wouldn't be a bad idea because it helps with anti-piracy. But they should have a right to control their content how they please.
  4. What a load of crap, EA's had the agreements with Valve since the beginning, DLC content availability is not new to them.. you don't think when they were developing origin, they didn't see this and say "this is a great way to make Valve look like the bad guy and give EA a way out and smelling like a rose..". Problem is your trying to get people with more then a 50 IQ to believe that you needed to take exception to Valve supporting it's customers and users and that it was critical to do so, JUST as you launched origin..

    please, EA, your a bunch of tossers. 1/2 bil. in banked profits last year was not enough for you? i certainly won't be buying another EA game any time soon.
  5. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,073   +219

    Steam uses system resources and throws ads in your face good riddance.
  6. Steam already exists, what do we need Steam clone for? Arg...
  7. @Treetops: What ads? The ones telling you about new games, I love that. You must be naive to think EA won't do the same.
  8. pcnthuziast

    pcnthuziast TS Booster Posts: 323   +8

    @treetops umad?

    Steam rocks!

    I hope Origin fails miserably.

    That is all.
  9. codefeenix

    codefeenix TS Rookie Posts: 39

    Mass Effect 2 got me into steam, ME3 wont get me out.
  10. It's simple: Steam sucks!
  11. TekGun

    TekGun TS Booster Posts: 162   +25

    And nothing of any value was lost to steam users.
  12. gwailo247

    gwailo247 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,010   +18

    They just don't want to pay a cut to Steam. Pretty simple.
  13. Per Hansson

    Per Hansson TS Server Guru Posts: 1,960   +218

    This sounds very reasonable to me, I can't understand how you are so butthurt over this decision that EA has made.
    I guess it's the new big thing to bash anything Crysis 2 related whenever you are given the option?
  14. example1013

    example1013 TS Enthusiast Posts: 265

    Wow, a bunch of steam fanboys. In case you've all forgotten, Valve did the exact same thing to Microsoft for Portal 2. Sony gave them complete control over everything related to the game, and so Valve gave every PS3 Portal 2 purchaser a PC code for a free Portal 2 copy. 360 users were left out because Microsoft has their own set of rules that Valve would have to play by for updates and DLC and the like.
  15. I'm so angry with EA these days, it makes my face twitch every time I see those 2 letters in that particular combination.

    I have to say though, Blizzard did it first (as far as I care), with their new Battle.net @%#&! I wasn't happy about that, and I still haven't bought Starcraft 2 even though I want it. I know they're gonna do the same thing with Diablo III, of course, and then I'm just gonna have to dance to their tune. But, we excuse Blizzard, don't we? Because their games are so insanely awesome, yes? Hmf.

    All the big companies want to do the same now. They'll make more money that way and it is a business after all. I've heard all the good and the bad arguments here, and I'm still in a hissy-fit about it. Why? Because I'm a Steam-user. I'm in no way a Steam-fanboy, but I do have a consolidated games library worth... well, a lot, in Steam. I have no wish to have my achievements spread out over a bunch of different "services."

    Greed is changing the world of gaming, and I don't like the way it's going.
  16. BrownPaper

    BrownPaper TS Rookie Posts: 407

    Valve wanted to give Xbox 360 users free updates for Portal 2 just like on Steam and PS3. Microsoft requires any updates to be sold for money (not free). Basically any updates for Portal 2 would be a DLC that requires money to get. Valve did not want to charge people money for minor game updates.
  17. yRaz

    yRaz Nigerian Prince Posts: 2,340   +1,438

    EA ignored the PC with Crysis 2 and is generally just a bad company. Most of their money comes from console sales and they really aren't paying attention to PC. However, almost all of Valve's revenue comes from PC gamers. I'm sure Valve has the best interests of PC gamers in mind whereas EA wants to shove out a whole bunch of console ports. People hate Crysis 2 because it represents everything that is going wrong with the gaming industry. Weak story line's and sub-par gameplay. If we're lucky we get some higher resolution textures with our port and tolerable controls. Ever play assassins creed on PC(just as an example of how bad ports can get)? It's near impossible because they put NO thought into the controls.

    BTW, if you were paying any attention at all to the article you'd notice it was VALVES decision, not EA's, to remove Crysis 2 from the steam store. How EA is playing with the DLC from Crysis 2 is BS anyway. I'm tired of all these companies trying to force us into their own proprietary software to strengthen their market share.

    When playing with these companies we have to vote with our wallets. I voted for steam and try to avoid buying EA titles as much as possible. The only time I do buy one is when I can get it for cheap on steam.
  18. Mindwraith

    Mindwraith TS Enthusiast Posts: 186

    they should just keep it on steam and make it like $10 cheaper on origin or something, that'l solve both their problems

    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 1,258   +455

    EA are a bunch of greedy sods.
  20. Richy2k9

    Richy2k9 TS Enthusiast Posts: 515

    hello ...

    well too bad, being a PC enthusiast for most multiplatform games & buying mostly where my country is supported, means i will buy only a console exclusive from EA & no more PC games from them :S ...

    Steam is my second home, you'd better change your mind EA, like me there are heavy steam dwellers & we are not happy with you right now.

  21. example1013

    example1013 TS Enthusiast Posts: 265

    And then Battlefield 3 will come out, and everyone will buy it.
  22. pcnthuziast

    pcnthuziast TS Booster Posts: 323   +8

    Not from Origin I won't. Retail will suffice.
  23. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    I agree Per, lots of reasons to be pissed at Cervat and co, but this isn't one of them.
  24. veLa

    veLa TS Evangelist Posts: 782   +235

    In 2004, in the dawn of CS:S and HL2, most people hated STEAM. This was back in the day when internet was slower and less reliable. People wanted to buy games offline and not have to have internet to play. Then STEAM and ISPs improved and now everybody loves it.
  25. MaXtor

    MaXtor TS Booster Posts: 149   +39

    @veLa: We know this, and now we're happy with the way things are. EA isn't reinventing anything, like Valve did when they launched Steam. EA is just making a Steam clone. Screw EA.

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