Editorial: My PC is my Next-Gen Console

By Julio Franco ยท 30 replies
Dec 19, 2012
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  1. Gamesinner

    Gamesinner TS Rookie Posts: 86

    I think both platforms have their pluses and minuses. Consoles definitely are geared more towards ease of use. I also have often wondered if the game makers were in cahoots with the video card makers because you always seam have an out dated video card with each new game release.
  2. lipe123

    lipe123 TS Evangelist Posts: 718   +236

    Who connects a PC to a TV for gaming in the first place?
    And a laptop for gaming is just a giant waste of good money.

    A PC gamer should use a proper monitor with a decent resolution thats much better and clearer than a TV.
  3. This was painful to read.
  4. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 2,996   +1,316

    laptops for gaming are not a waste of money. You dont get the price/performance of a desktop but you get mobility and thats what some people need. I survived with doing all my gaming off a liano laptop for months before I got this desktop (which is an older desktop I was given).

    As for TVs, the only real issue with hooking a PC up to one is refresh rate I believe, its *****ic to think 1080p monitors have a clearer resolution then 1080p televisions..And many televisions are just as clear color wise as monitors.still not ideal because of possible input lag, but your other points arent really correct.

    Oh the common stereotypes.
  5. Codacious

    Codacious TS Rookie

    Haters going to hate... but this is an good article.
    I would expect it to gain more favorable comments in the console section as most readers here have a "smarter then you" attitude when it comes to PC gaming, no matter what there actual tech level is.
    I recall Nvidia stepped up with their driver support when I hooked my HTPC to my TV last year when the instructions came onscreen with the TV model # and what to do to get the best picture/resolution. It is small things like this that have me recommend their cards to friends building HTPC's for the first time. I hope ATI also has included this by now. It truly is the device that Microsoft and Sony have wanted to sell you as an all-in-one media center device.
    BTW... I almost had a moment of youthful bliss when you said " I rediscovered my 3DS". I thought you where going to say " I rediscovered my 3D0" :)
  6. EnigmaBabylon

    EnigmaBabylon TS Rookie

    Consoles persist because people are too stupid/lazy to learn how to buy and maintain a computer. However, as consoles increasingly become shitty, poorly constructed computers, this advantage is disappearing (google "Skyrim Save file" for one of the many examples of architecture and coding fail on consoles). I can see the advantage of a console like the N64 where you pop in a game and BAM it's playable. But the modern console isn't that, it's a shitty computer; complete with outrageous loading times, constant software bugs and hardware failure.

    Massively modable deep-content games are absolutely the ONLY GAMES I could give a remote damn about playing. They're also completely unplayable on consoles, and usually not even available (Romance of the Three Kingdoms is an exception, and it's still 50x better on PC).

    I need to be able to get new content, scenarios, countries, models, skins, weapons, etc. or I don't give a ****. I need to be able to mod it myself, and get user content, without the mediating hand of shitty architecture and stupid *******s at Sony freaking out because someone might hack their overpriced paperweight.

    Fighting games, JapRPGs, shooters, MMOs, etc. put me to sleep. I would literally rather do nothing than play them, and this is exactly what happens whenever my friends start playing console games. I want single player/coop games with intense depth like Hearts of Iron 3, Witcher 2 or Minecraft. Anything else is less interesting than mowing the lawn.

    I also don't own a television, because televisions have shitty resolution (a CRT from 10 years ago looks better than your 1000 dollar TV), and anyway, only *****s watch TV.

    Also, my computer doesn't browse the internet like a retarded kid on the phone book, it doesn't freeze every ten minutes on Youtube, and it's capable of connecting to the wireless internet at more than 1/10th potential speed.

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