Elliptic Labs brings 'Minority Report' gestures to Windows 8


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A Norwegian company called Elliptic Labs is showing off a novel touch-less gesturing technology that uses ultrasound to bring Minority Report style controls to Windows 8 devices. The results are similar to what we've seen with Kinect and Leap Motion,...

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Well they're making progress with the current technology they have right now. Holographic PC just carry a small box with you slide it open and ta-da you have your PC handy. Those days I would like to see. For now this laptop will do.. Cost of this would be interesting to do know though?


Oh yeah, can't wait for this technology to become mainstream. I can't wait to be performing every task on my PC with a motion. I wonder what this will look like in an internet cafe when you have lots of people motioning to their PC all at once. Can someone say mental institution?

Christ Jesus, when will people learn that just because you can do something doesn't always mean that you should. God help us all.


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I'll stick to using an accurate keyboard and mouse, thanks. Sure, it looks neat in a 1-minute demo, but I'm not gonna be waving me frigging hands around all day to do tasks.