Ello, serious computer help needed.

By Wasp
Nov 17, 2005
  1. For the past week, maybe more, my computer has been in hell. In the games I've tried, Wc3, WoW, and Half life 2, I experience 10+ second lag spikes constantly. In single player aswell, so it's not a connection problem. It's worst in half life2, I guess, but still horrible in the others. I have 1.0Gb of RAM, and uh, windows xp. I don't know much about computer repairing, or specs, or anything, and if I could fix this problem, I mean, just fix it. :knock:

    Also, I've ran Ad-aware lavasoft anti-spyware, Spybot, and Microsoft Anti-spyware beta daily.
  2. Rick

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    How about some more information on your system?

    Lots of things can cause freezing, but one of the most common ones I can think of is a failing drive or a drive not receiving enough power (lose power connector or failing/stressed PSU)

    You can check to see what Windows has to say about it. I'd recommend keeping track of the next time it happens so you can pinpoint it on the timeline.

    Type eventvwr.msc and press enter

    Select "System" (most likely, although it could be Applications). Look through the red Xs and see if there is anything related.
  3. Wasp

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    Ok, on both system and application there are loads of 'x's, but as I just logged into the character selection in world of warcraft, for about a minute my computer tower sporadically made whirring-ish noises. 1:07 pm, and nothing on system, but one information on application at that time, source: i8042prt.

    Checking my cords for looseness!

    Edit - everything plugged in nice and tight.
  4. Surkitz

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    still need your system specs

    your video drivers could probably use an update

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