Elsonic's ultra-tall display is designed specifically for social media scrolling

Daniel Sims

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WTF?! It was probably only a matter of time before someone started offering desktop computer displays designed for social media. Elsonic's EK-MD088 almost looks like it was deliberately made as a joke, but it appears to be very real, and possibly an attempt to bring something like the mobile scrolling experience to the desktop.

Appearing to have been designed specifically for the endless scrolling of modern social media sites, the EK-MD088 has a native resolution of 420 x 1,920 pixels -- ridiculously thin but almost as tall as a 4K display when in vertical mode. Screenshots specifically show it displaying Discord and Twitter feeds.

Selling for around $130, they won't start shipping until sometime in February 2022. These might be a nifty alternative for users who can't fit everything they need onto one screen but don't want to shell out for another full monitor.

According to machine translation of the Japanese store page, it can receive power directly from a laptop or desktop through USB-C, and receives its video feed through mini-HDMI. The store page says mobile batteries will work, too.

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I'n in the process of doing something like this in my own way. I already have a 24" 1080p in portrait mode, specifically for the web.

My eyes are getting a bit older, so I think I'll stuff a 27" incher on a swivel stand. I won't have to sit as close, and the text will be a couple of points bigger.

The way this sire is laid out, the text panel is only half the width of the screen anyway.

(Not complaining mind you. The recent posts and fly-out need to be right where they are)

I don't belong to any social media sites, so I suspect this must not be an issue there.

For all the scorn you guys are putting up about this product, you gotta admit, it's way better than di*king around on a cell phone.


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How about if we could just reserve a strip of desktop in Windows for exactly this purpose? We could call it, I dunno..a "sidebar", maybe.


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How about if we could just reserve a strip of desktop in Windows for exactly this purpose? We could call it, I dunno..a "sidebar", maybe.
Which would be fine if you were running a 32" monitor..

But, I suspect many of the customers for this product, will find it a big step up from their cellphone.


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I can't even call this goofy since I use a 30" ultrawide in portrait orientation as a side monitor, although for keeping forum tabs and steam friends visible. Scrolling through shitposts at 200Hz is the only way to go 👍


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I can see this being useful for streamers that don't have a lot of desk space (with the mic stand, camera, lights, other screens, etc around them). The chat can fit nicely there. Otherwise, it's not really something that the average Joe will need.