eMachine motherboard replacement HELP Please?

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Jul 13, 2005
  1. Rayss523

    Rayss523 TS Enthusiast Posts: 102

    Just get a new microATX mobo that you like. I had this happen to me and I didn't have any problems getting windows to work on my new mobo with the old HD. But a had a T series emachine.

    OR you can do what I did and spend 500$ish to have a pretty nice rig.

    DPDISXR4Ti TS Rookie

    As I understand it, the key thing to have is a retail copy of Win XP Home. I'm still trying to track one down - everyone seems to have an OEM version, which is no better than the OEM version that came w/ the eMachines. I really don't feel like spending $100 for a copy, given that I'm already licensed. If I've missed something and there's another work-around, feel free to bring it....

    DPDISXR4Ti TS Rookie

    If it's a Bestec, get that sucker out of there - it's an effing TIME BOMB!!! It was the failure of the PS that took out my mobo, processor, and keyboard. I will never buy another thing from Gateway/eMachines - I'd sooner join up with the Taliban.
  4. magician1

    magician1 TS Rookie

    I've received and installed the replacement mobo, but the cpu is attached to the heatsink. How do I install the cpu when the attached heatsink is in the way of the clip?
  5. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,182   +469

    You have to (gently) remove the CPU from the heatsink before you can install it on the motherboard. Of course, that means you have to clean off the old thermal compound and reapply fresh compound.
  6. magician1

    magician1 TS Rookie

    thanks for the reply. Any suggestions on how to gently detach the cpu from heatsink? it seems like it's stuck there pretty tight.
  7. TerrTech

    TerrTech TS Rookie

    I would suggest that you gently twist the CPU from the heatsink just be sure not to bend any of the pins the problem is that the compond has acted as an adhesive. Just be cautious and it should come apart and remember to clean off the old compond and replace with new thermal grease.

  8. kerdika

    kerdika TS Rookie


    ok i dont know if anyone has said this or not i kinda gave up reading halfway threw the second page but the original windows can still be used, and on any motherboard... after installing the new board and the system boots, boot from the oem windows xp cd that came with the hardware, when you get to a screen that askes you to format the partition there should be an option to repair the existing coppy of windows... usually by pressing R. this will set up windows with your new mobo and allow you to keep all your settings and data. some machines will ask you to reregister your ccoppy, all you have to do is call windows, tell them your situation and they will give you the correct codes. and, as for the person that got beep beep beep beeeep thats usually incorrectly installed or bad ram.
  9. kerdika

    kerdika TS Rookie

    if twisting dosent work be extreamly carefull and slide the corner of a razor between the heatspreader and the heatsink, this will break suction that is created by the thermal compound expanding and contracting
  10. Rick#1

    Rick#1 TS Rookie


    Ok! I will be happy to help.

    1. You need a Windows XP Disk.
    2. Go to Bios and then go to Advance Tools and then poot your CD Drive as the first boot.
    3.Restart Your computer.
    4.The System will Run your CD.
    5. Format the Hardrive and install Windows XP
    6. Windows will automatically fix your settings and run Windows normally for you.

    After you installed windows XP, you will be promted to add your computer name, etc, etc. just as if you just bought the computer. If you have any more questions please e-mail me and i'll be glad to help.
  11. TankaMa

    TankaMa TS Rookie

    What would be a good replacement for the E-Macines Motherboard

    Hello All
    Just found this board via a search for a solution to my E-Machines problem.
    Seems as if the power supply mentioned (Bestec) is in my machine and it crashed the motherboard and processor :(
    What would be a good replacement board for this case? It is a c2480. I am not a gamer or use tons of graphics, just a user, so I don't really need anything exotic. I already have an Nvidia video card as I use Google earth and the E-Machine didn't have enough to use it properly.
    Has anyone been able to use the E-Machines keyboard driver so as to use the original keyboard with a replacement motherboard?
    I am told that the E-Machines restore discs are a Ghost and as such they cannot be used todo a repair of the files, just to wipe and reinstall. I want to keep all of the files I have on the original hard drive if possible. I own a retail copy of Windows XP Professional and have been told one can use this to repair any damaged programs oron the old drive if any need be .
    Thanks for all of the info!

    Edit: Removed bold type for ease of reading.
  12. sw123

    sw123 TS Rookie Posts: 595

    PCI video card: fx5500

    AGP video card: fx5700

    PCI-E video card: 6600GT

    Please dont always use bold.
  13. Ernest

    Ernest TS Rookie

    no picture nor cmos loading on startup...

    Hi,everyone...is there anyone with problems with the emachines computer
    W-2047 / 2000+.The problem is that the power box is working but no-picture,is produce you can hear everything running except for a load on the monitor,please if you have any similiar problems as myself,I would appriciate your responds.
  14. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Ok, we should start another thread Ernest...

    Tell us if your Emachines has a Bestec power supply. If it does, both your motherboard and power supply need to be changed. If it doesn't have the Bestec supply, only your motherboard might be fried... do a search on this site for "Emachines" and see how many hits you get
  15. Scootter

    Scootter TS Rookie

    Ok, W2646 Ejunker. Shoot I didn't think they were so bad till I read about it in here.
    Anyway it quit, just shut down like i unplugged it! rebooted, it came up fine but the keyboard didn't work. A friend suggested it was the PS or bad Ram. I had been wanting to upgrade to make my games play beter, so I ordered a GFORCE FX 5200 vidcrd, 1g stk 2700, and a SB 7.1 sound card. Also a 480 PS.
    I put in the new PS to find that it still does what it did, no help!
    The new stuff came yesterday, and I'm finding it proly the MoBo, ok thats fine a cheap fix, but all the boards I found that will use my 2.6 celeron uses DDR 3200 ram, and I just bougt 2700, and the it won't work right? you can go up on speed of ram but not down? if thats true I wasted $100.

    Here is what I found on NEWEGG.Com


    And on Tigerdirect.om


    Ok maybe the ram isn't that big of a deal, but which one is the best buy?
  16. kuniskos

    kuniskos TS Rookie

    eMachines (T3104) New Motherboard and Windows XP Home Activation (first post)

    First post. Just wanted to mention some activation issues related to replacing original eMachines T3104 motherboard with an inexpensive combo from Fry's (P4M800Pro-M + Core 2 Duo E6300 for about $170 U.S.):
    1) had already replaced HD and RAM and put in an ATI 9600 GPU, never having to reactivate
    2) today, replaced MB & CPU, made a couple of BIOS changes and booted in Safe Mode with no problem
    3) After Safe Mode boot, tried to boot normally and got the MS activation window
    4) Went through the whole tedious phone-activation process a couple of times and it kept failing
    5) finally pushed the button to generate a new 25-character activation code, then overwrote it with the activation code from the sticker on the back of the T3104's case (my valid OEM code)
    6) got the new phone activation code based on my own COA code, keyed it in and it was okay
    7) got the final phone code from the automated voice and keyed it in and XP was activated.
    8) installed the sound drivers from the MB CD and everything worked as before, so the T3104 is now a Core 2 Duo, instead of a Semprom, machine, albeit with a pretty cheap MB
  17. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Yes kuniskos,
    I've replaced many power supplies and motherboards in Emachines computers. I never pay above $50 for the motherboards here in the USA. The power supplies cost about $35. MS Activation over the phone has never been a problem, although MS has been hanging up on me several times because of technical difficulties...
  18. erniesadventure

    erniesadventure TS Rookie

    We shall see, Ive seen posts where it has been done, and I intend to do it as well. I have used a completely different hard drive as well. The thing that I have learned when starting from scratch, is you have to load the appropriate drivers for the chipset that you have. You can download these from the net, after locating your MOB and chipset. Even after I loaded another XP into the emachine when it was working, I think i still put in the emachine disc for that reason, to load the chipset drivers.I will be replacing the MOB in the T2692 emachine I bought for my son day after Thanksgiving in 2003. It quit about 4 days ago.
    He claimed his usb mouse acted up first. The computer was powering up and down in one second intervals i believe. The MOB is fried! I found the INTEL chip between the PCI slots and the IDE connectors got hot and burned a couple of pinholes in it. After pulling all cards from their slots and everything else, except the MOB the computer came up with the logo,no harddrive attached, so didn't get that far for the windows logo. I did this to show me the cpu was ok as far i as i could tell. I shut it back down after the test. Bet a bunch more out there has the same problem chip. I'm not so sure these things were rigged to go off exactly after thanksgiving 3 years later. What a deal that would be. Everybody has to buy another computer. Anyhow new MOB here I come.
  19. Charles D.

    Charles D. TS Rookie

    Ernie, I've had the same problem. Your mobo is fried because the power supply (Bestec brand) killed it.

    Get a new PS or it's gonna kill another mobo.
  20. erniesadventure

    erniesadventure TS Rookie

    Thanks for the info Charles D,
    I am seriously thinking about forgetting the whole idea with the e machine and starting from scratch again and go with the new dual processor, pwr supply,mob,video card. My son is going to take a gaming course at college to learn about game programming and such, so will need a new system. Unfortunately I cant afford a nice system for him. I am going to piece one little by little, I know it wont be much, but at least it will give him a start. I alredy bought a Radeon 9550 card to start with. Hope it is an ok card. Thanks again.
  21. rmfunnies

    rmfunnies TS Rookie

    When installing OS on computer, the motherboard and Hard-drive assigns addresses to them. On some motherboards and hard-drives the addresses are close that you can use the same motherboard or hard-drive. In most cases the OS has to be reinstalled.
  22. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    If the replacement motherboard has the same type chipset, you'll have the best chance of not having to reinstall the OS. I always do a fresh install of the OS on Emachines upgrades. I choose replacement Emachines motherboards for CPU and size compatibility only
  23. Charles D.

    Charles D. TS Rookie

    IMO, your fried emachine is still worth fixing. I fixed two of them and they are better than new now. Thru January outpost(.com) has a 500W power supply free after rebate - search for item 4587977 on their website. It could be a cheap way around the problem. If you haven't purchased the motherboard yet, you could try looking for a cheap replacement at pricewatch(.com). Either way, good luck to you!
  24. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Yes Ernie,
    while anyone can find good hardware deals all around the Net, Newegg in my opinion, has the best overall prices for US customers
  25. erniesadventure

    erniesadventure TS Rookie

    I'll check out the power supply, sounds like a deal, also I've been to Newegg, and have puchased from Outpost, and Tiger, but unhappy with Tiger, since I did not get my $80 rebate for the computer stuff i purchased. It was Soyo that failed them, so I never did buy anything else from them. I got ripped from western digital for $80 as well. 80 must be the magical number. That made a $80 hard drive turn into $160. I did everything that was asked of me, I even used registered mail. That failed also. Any problems with Outpost on Rebates?
    I haven'y done anything to the e-machine yet. I was waiting for a reply from, I think was newegg, for a mob out of stock. Waiting for in stock notification. I forgot to look to see if it came in. Guess I'll look again.
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