eMachine motherboard replacement HELP Please?

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Jul 13, 2005
  1. Tmagic650

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    Tiger Direct has some good deals, but you have to know something about what you are buying before you buy from them. They sell a lot of junk and hi-priced stuff. Newegg lets you print out the rebate forms at the time of purchase, and they will stand behind the rebate if the manufacturer fails to honor the rebate, as long as you have met all the rebate requirements
  2. Geek2b1day

    Geek2b1day TS Rookie

    Another emachime mobo replacement victim T2542

    This is my first post here . I was VERY happy to see this thread and all of the info on here. I wanted to ask one more time (for personal clarification) just what I would need to get for a mobo if I wanted to reuse the processor and memory and most importantly use the same hard drive with the same copy of windows XP and have the same files programs etc on that hard drive when I finish. I have the restore disc but no Retail version of XP only what came with my emachine T2542.

    If anyone could point me to a good 845 asus mobo and offer some friendly help with the install I would be very appreciative.


  3. quirmche

    quirmche TS Rookie

    Bump, same question for a T2682.
  4. Jack Tucker

    Jack Tucker TS Rookie

    I have emachine 2642. It is 3 years old. It quit. Staples said pwr supply was bad. I put in a new ps. Nothing happens. How do I test new pwr supply? I tried to read voltage, but could not find any on the connectors. If it is ok, what next?
  5. kesler

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    Biostar Geforce 6100-M9 NVIDIA Socket 939 MicroATX Motherboard and an AMD Athlon 64 3200 2.0GHz Processor with Fan

    I replaced the same emchine with this setup. You will need memory,psu and a new copy of windows. It is running very well. www.newegg.com
  6. Tmagic650

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    Read on quirmche,

    select a motherboard that will accept your processor, memory and power supply
  7. Rick#1

    Rick#1 TS Rookie

    Geek2b1day RE:Help


    Sure I will help in any way I can. Go to NEWEGG.COM, from what I heard the Asus motherboard may not be available however, there is a replacement for it. It may not be a Asus motherboard, but I recently bought it for my friends computer and it works great. NEWEGGS customer service representatives are the best. Here is the Model # for the moderboard. ITS.... PC CHIPS M963GV (V5.0) Socket 478 SiS 661GX Micro ATX Intel orBIOSTAR P4M80-M4 Socket 478 VIA P4M800 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard -
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...ubCategory=280 here is the link for them. They have pretty good reviews. Also they are under $50
  8. phinds

    phinds TS Rookie

    This is a great forum!

    I just want to verify my understandings. No one shoot me for asking what has already been answered. I just want to make sure I really understand.

    Someone gave me a dead emachine, T2885. I replaced the Power Supply with a better manufacturer and it's still not working. The green light now comes on the motherboard by the PS, but it still won't turn on at all.

    So, I am going to replace the MB. I will ensure the memory is compatible with the new MB. As far as the processor. It is a Celeron. Can I chose any MB that has socket 478, Celeron compatible? For instance, this MB ... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813138262

    I read somewhere about needing compound for the fan. Is that something I should order too? (live in small town with virtually no PC support)

    Answers to these and any other thoughts are MUCH appreciated!
  9. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Yes phinds,
    you can use this board. You can install your CPU (processor) and memory. You will need some thermal compound. I recommend Arctic Silver 5. If you are going yo buy from Newegg, you can get the Arctic Silver from them too.

    Clean off the old paste from the CPU Heatsink and the CPU (processor). Install the CPU in the new motherboard. Place just a small dab of thermal compound on the center of the CPU and attach the heatsink/fan to the motherboard CPU socket...
  10. shadowalker

    shadowalker TS Rookie

    Lucky I stumbled here...

    This is one of the better sites I've found on the net after searching for a problem with my emachines. I got a lot of useful info out of it, thanks! I don't get why emachines didn't put a notice on their site or *anything* really about the Bestec PSU. My emachines T2885 was just dead one day when I got home from work. It's almost 3 years old and one tech guy I spoke to said I was lucky it lasted that long, but I'm thinking, 'that long?' Aren't computers supposed to be built well enough to last at least....I don't know, 5-7 years? Sure, they'll be outdated by then, but they should still work!

    Anyway, pretty much my PSU killed my motherboard. I'm still trying to win one off ebay since emachines doesn't sell that Mobo anymore, and the few others I've seen on the net started at $130. Hopefully it didn't kill my processor too, like what happened to someone else on here. I'm going to assume it didn't (hopefully!!!!!). I'm getting the same mobo because I don't want to have to deal with needing a retail copy of XP to re-activate my version so I can keep my HD intact. I'm also not too familiar with Mobos and don't want to get the wrong one and have to purchase new RAM etc., and also I don't want to have to deal with size issues.

    No more emachines for me though. Although, I really haven't had any problems at all until now other than this stupid PSU killing everything. I may try my hand at building my own PC for my next one, although I'm a little intimidated. The one good thing to come out of this crap is that I did a lot of research on the net and have learned a lot about my PC components. I usually ignore all of the parts except for the ones I need lol. Until now I've only had to research RAM, video cards, and HDD, but now I know a lot more about motherboards, heat sinks, CPUs, PSUs, etc. I need to do a little more research on motherboards though before I'd go and purchase one for a new PC.

    Anyway, enough rambling :p Thanks for the helpful info on here.
  11. Tmagic650

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    you are lucky to get almost 3 years out of your Emachines. I have only seen 2, out of 25 last year that made it to almost 5 years. If Emachines lasts 2 years that's lucky! These 2 were probably not used very much. You can get a motherboard that will fit your case, CPU and memory for under $50. A power supply should cost under $40... I haven't researched your model, but it's probably a micro-ATX model. If you change the motherboard, you will need a copy of XP to reinstall.
  12. shadowalker

    shadowalker TS Rookie

    I can't believe such short use is considered lucky! Is this just with emachines, or is that the accepted lifespan thesedays for any PC? I mean, my dad has a PC that's from the 90s and it still works. It can't be normal for all companies, can it? I can't see myself buying a new PC every 2 years. And the few years I've had mine, It was actually not light use. I am on my PC a LOT...I'm a big gamer, and I use it for lots of work as well, plus hobbies such as photoshop and after effects. I did shut it down every night...although that was more because I couldn't stand the loud fan noise than to conserve electricity lol.
    This is my PC (EDIT: it doesn't let me link to my model for some reason, but it's T2885), and this is my motherboard. It is a micro-ATX. I got a 350 W PSU at Best Buy for $51 (which ended up at $56 with tax). That was the least expensive one they had. As for the motherboard, if you can find such cheap ones, why are the original ones so expensive? I've only found the exact one that came with my PC on some site skyline-eng.com, one other one, and ebay. On the purchase sites it goes for $130-160, and on ebay the auctions keep ending at around $90-$120. I don't understand why it would be more for an older board, unless it's because they are so hard to find?

    From what I've read on the net (and I've been reading a LOT regarding this issue), I won't need a copy of XP if I use the exact same motherboard which I am removing. That is why I am trying to purchase this motherboard even though it's so much more money than the others. Emachines tech support told me the same thing as well. (Even though the tech guys don't always know what they're talking about *rolls eyes*) Hopefully this information is true. Otherwise I hope to hell that someone I know has a copy that I can borrow. But if it asks for a confirmation code to re-confirm your copy, can't you just call them up and get one? I've read from a lot of people that they were able to obtain codes that way after explaining their situation and giving over their s/no etc.
  13. Tedster

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    I'd be leary of buying any emachines motherboard off of ebay - you're asking for trouble. First, you're dealing with a poor component. Second, ebay is notorious for shoddy used products in the electronics market - especially USED electronics. It tends to be a dumping ground for inferior and bad used computer parts. Yes, you can find honest sellers, but really check their background first an ensure the product can be returned if it is not to your satisfaction. USE a credit card. It is your only recourse if the seller does not take returns. You can charge back the goods if the seller is dishonest. (of course you have to prove to the credit card company you returned the goods and tried to return it in good faith.)

    I have have had a lot of mixed experiences on ebay. The two worst problem areas were computer parts and textbooks.
  14. Tmagic650

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    Nice post Tedster...

    "I can't believe such short use is considered lucky! Is this just with emachines, or is that the accepted lifespan thesedays for any PC? I mean, my dad has a PC that's from the 90s and it still works. It can't be normal for all companies, can it? I can't see myself buying a new PC every 2 years. And the few years I've had mine, It was actually not light use. I am on my PC a LOT...I'm a big gamer, and I use it for lots of work as well, plus hobbies such as photoshop and after effects. I did shut it down every night...although that was more because I couldn't stand the loud fan noise than to conserve electricity lol"...

    3 words shadowalker,

    It's an Emachines!
  15. shadowalker

    shadowalker TS Rookie

    You are right Tedster...I would normally not buy electronics off of ebay unless it was a low priced item, the seller had very good feedback, and it was a sealed item (with a picture of it sealed). This Mobo I am looking at is new in the box, and the seller has 100% positive feedback, and after interacting with him through email he seems very trustworthy. Also, it's pretty much the only place I could find this mobo so I don't really have a choice. I only use paypal these days, I've already been screwed over a few times on ebay..well, once on ebay and a bunch of times on half.com...don't ever use that site, it's HORRIBLE!

    Ugh textbooks....Again my complaints are with half.com; I have not had ANY good experiences with them regarding textbooks. I've been screwed over, been sent wrong editions, and been sent books in misrepresented conditions. This last book I ordered for this semester was the last purchase I'll make off of half.com unless the situation is dire lol.
  16. Geek2b1day

    Geek2b1day TS Rookie

    Follow up for my emachine mobo replacement saga. I finally received the gigabyte mobo from the loser on ebay that sent me a "new" mobo that looks to actually be used, model GA-8GEM667. Anyway it has the right bones an 845 chip set socket 478 etc etc that will allow me to reuse my windows xp dram and cpu. I got another power supply some thermal grease a new cpu fan and a system fan for the heck of it and went at it today.To my mild surprise when I booted it up nothing happened on the screen.... until I changed the video in from the add on GRforce card to the on board vga port. Viola- - I had something. I actually had hooked it up right best I can tell except for one thing, the colors on the monitor are way off.

    I did have to re register my windows version but did it on the phone in 5 minutes and my hard drive has everything else still on it.

    Back to my final issue. I have the Intel extreme graphics set as well as the GEforce pci video card. How do I get the colors straight? Do I need to reinstall my emachine crt drivers? Or do I need to go and disable the intel extreme on board graphics and just use the geforce pci video?

    you guys and this thread helped me through the transplant, it was actually fairly painless.
  17. Tmagic650

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    Go to the Gigabyte support website and download the motherboard drivers for your montherboard model.... Chipset, AGP driver etc...
  18. shadowalker

    shadowalker TS Rookie

    Did you check to make sure the seller had positive feedback? That's why I'm wary of buying things like that on ebay. Question about thermal grease...does it come with a new motherboard? The motherboard I will *hopefully* win on ebay is new and in it's box, but I have no idea if thermal grease is included. If not, can I pick it up at somewhere like best buy? And do I really need it? Also, if I'm changing motherboards, should I be buying a new CPU fan as well? The one in my dead pc looks fine, not sure how you tell if you need a new one. I hope my computer gets to working again as fast as yours, geek2be, after I have all my pieces. It would suck to install everything and then push the power button....and nothing. lol. That's what happened when I thought that the problem was just the PSU and installed that.
  19. Geek2b1day

    Geek2b1day TS Rookie

    yeah i would say get the thermal grease it probably won't come with it. also spring for a new fan it is cheap insurance. good luck

    REDROCKER65 TS Rookie

    hi all..im a newbie here and was wondering where this guy got his motherboard and what part # it is. I have the same computer (t2682) and my motherboard blew. any help would be appreciated.


  21. Tmagic650

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    REDROCKER65 TS Rookie

    160 bucks? all i want to do is get my data back from my hard drives. I have many many hours of lost stuff. I know im an ***** for not backing them up to disc. Does anyone have just the motherboard for under 50 bucks?

  23. Tmagic650

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    You can buy a motherboard for $50, but what makes you think you can get all your data back. I suppose if you got a new drive to set up your new motherboard and a copy of XP so you can reload the OS, you could install the old drive as a slave and copy over your valuable data that you should have backed up long ago. Just do a search for a motherboard that will take your processor and your memory. It's probably going to be an ASRock mini-ATX type. Look at Newegg if your in the USA

    REDROCKER65 TS Rookie

    I have a new computer and I tried to install the drives into it but it will only read one drive...the one I put in the t2682 myself. The new computer won't read (or turn on for that matter) the drive that originally came with my old t2682 emachine. Can I take the drive it wont read to a computer shop and have them back it up for me? btw...thanks for the help...im an auto mechanic not a computer geek. And yes I bought another emachine...a t5082. If ida known they were junk I wouldnt have bought it...O well too late now.

  25. Tmagic650

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    This motherboard might work for you:

    The old hard drive might work with this new board. Do you know that the power supply is ok?
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