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Emachines T2482 Motherboard Burning up

By bmyzer101
Sep 11, 2009
  1. I have an emachines T2482 with a AM37 mobo in it. Recently we went on vacation. When we got home the wife tried to turn the computer on but the power button didn't light and the computer wouldn't boot(the fan on the cpu would run.) I opened up the case and noticed an electrical fire smell. Two components on the motherboard were burning. The component in the U31 and the R422 sockets on the board. Tiny components around the system fan plug.

    Okay so must be the motherboard is shot. I bought a brand new one for $38.00. Not bad I would say and a cheap fix. Well I received the new mother board installed it, and pluged the cord into the back of the power supply and the machines turned itself on still with no power light. As I watched what it was doing I noticed the same two components burning up again.

    I've read many posts about the power supply having no overpower protection. Is this a problem that anyone else has had? I want to get the wifes computer running again but I don't want to spend the money on a mobo and jpower supply just to burn up another mobo.
  2. dmill89

    dmill89 TS Guru Posts: 471

    Chances are it's the power supply. there are two common faliure modes for e-machines and both lead to a failed psu (1. PSU overvolts and takes out the motherboard, 2. Motherboard shorts out and takes out PSU). Since e-machines uses cheap PSUs with poor protection they will still run when they are "Bad" but they will fry anything connected to them. Other components could have been fried by the initial failure but the damage is usually limited to the PSU and motherboard.
    Any of these PSUs would work well for that system (and they are good quality)

    Also E-machines motherboards are failure prone and non-e-machines motherboards will require a new copy of windows (about $100) to work. Your best bet may be to build/ buy a new system perticuarily given the age and specs of that machine. $350 could build a system that will run circles around that computer useing decent components. (Just someting to consider)
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