Epic Games show Unreal Engine 3 running on Windows RT tablet

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Aug 29, 2012
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  1. Epic Games, in partnership with Nvidia, have revealed that their Unreal Engine 3 and supporting development tools have been ported to run on Windows 8 and ARM-based Windows RT tablets. A graphics demo called Epic Citadel (the same program that...

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  2. Bye, bye iPad.
  3. TechGamer

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    well said
  4. This opens up a very large can of worms....
  5. Nice...
  6. The tech demo they're showing off on Windows RT is Epic Citadel which came out on the iPad back in September, 2010. So Windows RT getting something that's been on the iPad for two years makes it better?
  7. H3llion

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    Top Comment

  8. iPad sucks compared to Windows 8 (RT, PC, Xbox?, Phone?) mainly because people can use C++, Javascript, C# VB to make Windows 8 apps and run it on those hardware. Instead of using stupid Objective C. Enough said.

    And I really hope this Windows 8 apps can be run in Xbox and Windows Phone 8. That would be an instant ipad iphone killer.

    The day where apple fanatics getting slapped in their face is getting nearer and nearer.
  9. lawfer

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    Next time, read the article:

    This is using the full extension of both the DirextX API and actual pipeline that's seen on x86 machines. This means not only developers will better optimize their games for ARM (as opposed to the inefficient iterations found in Android and iOS), but their games will look significantly better too.

    This is kind of a big deal.
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