Epic's arguments against Apple aren't sitting well with the judge


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Very common monopolies are the water 💧 (almost everywhere only one corporation controls the water network) and the money 💸 (everywhere it’s price is controlled from the national central bank).

So the decision in that case will have an impact and on those monopoly sectors (water 💧 and money 💸 ) too.

For example in the future if one water corporation decide to set the price of water too high the people they could not ask from a court to regulate them as monopoly because there will be a judicial precedent (court will say them it's not monopoly there is water on other cities so go and buy water from there...).

Same applies to the money interest. If the central national bank (which is a monopoly) decides to act unnaturally by ignoring inflation and increasing the cost of money without reason that will cause a situation where there will be less new debts (debt is what produce the new money) so the old debts will not find enough money in market and they will go bankrupt... The court will say I can't do anything it's not a monopoly there are plenty of currencies you can use just pick an other one...