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By Doctor Gallop
Feb 22, 2006
  1. Simple question that the Epson website was unable to help with [lousy support]. I have an old Epson Stylus 640 and when I print a page I get an "ID" type of thing printed out at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page. Question: How can I stop it from doing it and just print what it is supposed to print? Say I want to print something from a web page and there are 5 pages, every damn page has the stupid ID on it! Is there a way to control this?
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    I have to say I didn't read all of these entries, but perhaps you can find a "fix" here:

    Printing dates on documents

    Q. I listen to your show faithfully every weekend. I am a lawyer who needs to have the date appear at the bottom of anything that I print for a case. Since getting a new printer, I no longer get the date. I tried calling technical support but they were no help. I hardly understood a word the reps said. Can you please lend a hand? Susan Jones

    A. Sure I can. I’ll just refer to you as “Sue the lawyer.”

    Having the date appear on your printouts is pretty handy. Most programs let you add a date in some way. Let’s go through some programs you may be using.

    Microsoft Word Click where you want to place the date. Click Insert>>Date and Time. You will have a selection of choices--date only, time only and date and time. Choose one and click OK.

    You can make Word insert dates in all documents automatically.

    To do that, you must change the Word template. That is a file named

    You'll find it in these folders:

    Windows XP
    C:\Document and Settings\[Your Name]\Application

    Windows 2000
    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application

    Windows ME
    C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

    Windows 98
    C:\Windows\Profiles\[Your Name]\Application DataMicrosoft\Templates

    If you can't find it, use Windows Explorer to search for it.

    Once you do find it, make a copy of and save it in another folder, in case you make a mistake. Then right-click and click Open. Click View>>Header and Footer. Click in the footer box at the end of the template. Click Insert>>Date and Time. Select the date style. Click "Update automatically." Click OK.

    Microsoft Excel
    Click View>>Header and Footer. Click Custom Footer. Enter the date.

    You can make a template in Excel, too. Open an Excel worksheet and put in the footer (or header) along with the date. Click File>>Save As. Save it as a Template (*.xlt). It goes in the same folder as the Word template. Make a shortcut to the Excel template and put it on the desktop. You have to open the template specifically to get the dated worksheet.

    Internet Explorer
    Click File>>Page Setup. In the box marked Footer, enter "&d" (without the quotes). All subsequent printouts will include the date, which changes automatically.

    (Tip inside of a tip: You can print a number of things in the header or footer. To find the codes, click File>>Page Setup. In the upper right corner, next to the X, click the question mark. Then click the Header or Footer box.)

    Click File>>Page Setup. Select Margins&Header/ Footer. Under Headers and Footers, find the position in which you wish to place the date. If this is a one-shot thing, click Custom and write in the date. If you want the date to be there always, and to update automatically, click Date/Time.

    Credits to:
    Maybe you can reverse some of these processes- since the writer wanted to ADD dates.
    Hope this helps. :)
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