Erroneous Pci issues after power outage

Hello to all reading this hopefully someone with more in depth knowledge can assist me on this issue

I recently build my desktop less than 2 months old all new parts.

I live in florida and from time to time outages will happen and if there is a storm it will be more frequent, recently I had an outage happen whole using my rig and when I turn it back on my ethernet wasnt working properly it shows that its connected to an unidentified network but has no internet access,

I have a static IP due to school and having to run several ports, when I change to dhcp it works fine but given my current situation I'm not allowed access to the modem to change my port forwarding settings.

And it only does this when my IP is set manually.

Fixed attempted
Reinstalled drivers
Disable and re enabled adaptors
Reset of both rig and modem

Any clout that can help is much appreciated.