error 132 --crashing --videocard

By derrekeva
Jun 25, 2007
  1. I have a radeon x1950 running latest drivers, 4gb ram ddr2 twin 2x2048,650 watt power supply,windows xp with all the latest downloads,MB is an asus M2N-SLI deluxe, processor is an am2/A64/FX-62 2.8G dual cpu.
    The computer runs fine until i play World of Warcraft ;after 5 to 10 minutes ,it crashes with a 132 Error.
    I recently bought a cooler for my CPU as it was reaching temps of 66C
    Now it appears my video card is overheating to an excess of 77C...There is no way i can fit a video cooler with that huge Zalman CPU cooler..
    Any Idea in regards to case ,cooling, etc.... I read that the newest video cards have been even hotter
  2. raybay

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    I would use add and remove programs to delete the program, then use the free RegClean to remove the remnants from the registryThis error appears to come from the installer program?
    Then reboot.
    Now delete the contents of your tempoary directories (usually, C:\TMP,
    C:\TEMP and (most likely to be the one) C:\WINDOWS\TEMP)

    Now go back and reinstall the program.

    If you still get the error, I suspect you have a problem with one of your drivers. Go to the website of your computer to download and reinstall the BIOS, Chipset, Video Graphics, and other operational drivers.

    Now you can perform the installation again.

    You should have good luck after all this.

    Please let us know if problems continue.
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