Brand new build - keeps crashing with BSOD

By TeluguKid ยท 12 replies
Oct 25, 2010
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  1. Hi,
    I have recently built a new computer using:

    Intel Core i5 655K Unlocked 3.2GHz LGA 1156

    MSI H55M-E33 LGA 1156 H55 mATX Motherboard

    OCZ Gold Series XTC Cooler 4GB (2gbX2) DDR3-1333 (PC3-10666) Dual Channel Memory Kit


    Thermaltake Silent 1156 CLP0552 92mm CPU Cooler For Intel Socket LGA1156


    Hard Disk(s)
    1TB WD Cavier Blue

    Operating System
    Windows 7 Ultimate

    At first I have installed Windows XP home premium, followed by the drivers, and Kaspersky Internet security 2010. It worked fine for a day, until I shutdown the system. On re-boot and login, first there was an error message from Kaspersky, that "not all components were loaded" followed by "databases are corrupted". Then "windows explorer crashed". After few re-boots, and after uninstalling the antivirus, system was stable, but again crashing when I shutdown and cold start.

    Than, I tried with Windows XP professional installing a new hard disk. Same sequence of events happened. After I uninstalled anti-virus, it was stable for couple of days. After few re-boots, same problem again and this time, MOBO rejected the hard disk saying it is defective and replace it.

    Finally, I installed a new hard drive again, and this time, I installed win 7 ultimate and same anti-virus. Worked fine for a day and gave BSOD after the shut down and cold boot. After few re-boots, it was stable. Than I installed MS Office 2007, Adobe etc.. It ran fine for 3 days until I shutdown the system. Today, when I restarted the system, it crashed at the sign-on screen. after the re-bbot, it logged me in but repeated the same sequence (Anti-virus DB corrupted, windows explorer crashed.. etc) and now, each time when I reboot, it gives me BSOD after 5 minutes. I tried to access minidump, but it says access denied and couldn't open the folder.

    I am really frustrated. Someone please help !!!
  2. TeluguKid

    TeluguKid TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I was able to login through safe mode and copy the minidump. here are the files..

    Attached Files:

  3. B00kWyrm

    B00kWyrm TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,436   +37

    I have not worked much with Win7 Debugging, but this information should still be useful to you...

    BugCheck 24; (one time) - Usually is caused by faulty ram.
    Bugcheck 19; (twice) - May be faulty drivers, or faulty ram.
    BugCheck 50; (three times) - Often Faulty Ram, or other hardware.
    Resolving a faulty hardware problem:
    Run Memtest;
    Check Harddrive for errors.
    If hardware has been added to the system recently, remove it to see if the error recurs.
    If existing hardware has failed, remove or replace the faulty component.
    You should run hardware diagnostics supplied by the system manufacturer.
    For details on these procedures, see the owner's manual for your computer.

    Resolving an antivirus software problem:
    Disable the program and confirm that this resolves the error.
    If it does, contact the manufacturer of the program about a possible update.

    Resolving a corrupted NTFS volume problem:
    Run Chkdsk /f /r to detect and repair disk errors.
    You must restart the system before the disk scan begins on a system partition.
    If the hard disk is SCSI, check for problems between the SCSI controller and the disk.
  4. ViNCiLiCiouS

    ViNCiLiCiouS TS Rookie Posts: 30

    I'm no good at reading debug logs, but from personal experience and this fellow's excellent response, I would have to go with faulty ram

    Run Memtest (either make a bootable CD/USB or just use the Ubuntu LiveCD/USB). I normally do all DIMMs in, if an error occurs, remove one, test, swap, test.

    In the meantime process an RMA request. Just in case. You'll probably need it.

    On your hard drive error thing, I would expect it to be the hard drive problem. Western Digital does "Advanced Format" nowadays, and XP doesn't like it. You might have to run the WD Align Tool. I have never done this, but it is a possible issue with your hard drive. For more information ( Good luck!
  5. TeluguKid

    TeluguKid TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you ViNCiLiCiouS, and B00kWyrm for your help. Here is what I have done so far:

    I ran memtest 7 cycles and found ZERO errors. I ran chkdsk and found no errors. Finally, I ended up uninstalling Kaspersky and the system seems like stable now.

    I can reboot the system Humpty number of times without a single issue. When I shutdown the system and start back on, that's when it gives me issues. Weirdly enough, they happen in the same sequence (anti-virus corrupted, windows explorer crashes, and other programs follow the suite).

    Seems like WDalign is for 32 bit OS. Mine is 64 bit (also I have partitioned and reformatted the partitions before installing the OS).

    Can an old power supply cause any of these issues?
  6. ViNCiLiCiouS

    ViNCiLiCiouS TS Rookie Posts: 30

    No problem, hopefully we can figure this one out.

    Interesting, I am very surprised by the results. I would say bad RAM makes up about 90% of BSOD errors.

    Power supply is definitely distant second, but in this case a possibility.

    Do you have a spare PSU to test? Or perhaps put the current PSU into a different PC (I am sorry for the not-so-helpful suggestion as both options are essentially the same thing).

    The fact you mention the looping login screen + BSOD minutes after when cold booting (not restart) is very nostalgic. In fact I just got off of this problem myself less than 1 week ago (at least it hasn't happened since then). For me, I believe upping the voltage of my RAM did the trick (I recently added 2 more DIMMS for 4 DIMMS total).

    Also, someone told me that there might be a bad sector in the RAM, so the system can run stable for months (in my case 4 months) when all of a sudden errors appear everywhere AND/OR only at specific times (booting up and then BSOD 5 minutes later in your case).

    So to clarify, the problem has:

    1) Gotten better since uninstalling antivirus.
    2) Does not occur when restarting, only when cold booting.
    3) Login screen loop.
    4) If login succeeds, random errors, followed up with BSOD
    5) Memtest clean, no disk errors.

    Double check and manually set your RAM voltage, timings. If the problem is still there I would have to bet on the PSU... 7 cycles of memtest86 is a decent amount of time. You don't seem to have other hardware that could be causing this...

    Well since you have Win7 this really isn't an issue anymore but here is WDAlign for x64:
  7. TeluguKid

    TeluguKid TS Rookie Topic Starter

    PSU Readings

    Thank you ViNCiLiCiouS.

    I have adjusted the RAM voltages to 1.65 in the morning (earlier it was set to auto). Still had the BSOD. I have unplugged/plugged the power connection and then uninstalled the anti-virus before the system became stable (don't know what helped). Now I installed the antivirus back and rebooted 2-3 times. Everything seems like ok. But, I am 100% sure that if I shut down and cold boot, it will kill me again.

    I just installed the speedfan and noted the PSU readings as below:

    VCC3V: 3.49v
    Vcore: .94v
    VDDA: 1.01 v
    +12v: 10.82v
    Vdimm: 2.21v
    VLDT: .80v
    VCC 1.5v : .58v
    VSB 3v: 3.23v
    Vbat: 3.31v

    Any of these readings are alarming?
    Computer case and the power supply (450w??) are the only existing parts on this new build. Rest everything is new. I have ordered a new 500W power supply and ATX case. I will swap all the parts into this new box tomorrow (waiting for the box to be delivered tomorrow).
  8. B00kWyrm

    B00kWyrm TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,436   +37

    A Few Notes about Memtest / Memory Issues...
    • Route44 and I have observed several instances where errors were not reported until about pass 10 or 11.
    • It has long been known that (though unusual) faulty memory sometimes may still pass Memtest.
    Also, memory issues can have a variety of causes... including but not limited to...
    • bad memory sticks
    • over/underclocking or over/under voltage
    • some motherboards are very picky about the ram modules to be used. Check HCL for tested compatibility.
    • sometimes changing slots will resolve memory issues.
    • are memory sticks "matched" (especially critical with ddr2 and ddr3).
    • sometimes bad capacitors on the main board can generate memory errors.
    On a new built the last is the least likely, obviously, but not out of the realm of possibility.
  9. TeluguKid

    TeluguKid TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The reason why I think this problem is so unique is....
    1) The problem occurs everytime when I do cold boot
    2) It always starts with the Anti-Virus being non-functional (I tried Mcafee, and Kaspersky .. same result)
    3) which will cause other programs to fail (explorer etc..)
    4) The same problem occured using 3 different operating systems (xp home, xp pro, and win 7)
    5) Everytime, the system gets stable after I uninstall the anti-virus (I can install it back without any problems unless I shutdown the system and start back)
    6) changed 3 hard drives ( 2 new and 1 old)
    7) Once it is stable, it runs for days without a single issue unless I shutdown the system (re-boot is not a problem)

    .. same problem in the same order..

    If it is the faulty RAM, can it be so consistant?

    I don't have a seperate GPU installed, but using the built-in feature from the I5-655k processor.
    Is there a possibility of conflict with the allocated virtual memory?
  10. B00kWyrm

    B00kWyrm TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,436   +37

    At this point my reaction was to suggest malware... but that is less likely due to
    • new build
    • Win7 Ultimate

    So, I have been looking at some other possibilities...
    First I am wondering if the power management features of your WD Green drive may be part of the problem.
    Second, I am wondering if the "Advanced Format" feature of the large drive is part of the problem
    Third, I am wondering if you followed proper procedures for dealing with the Advanced Format in each of the installs you attempted.
    Fourth, I am wondering if any of these OS installs involved OEM versions, or if they were all full retail versions.
    I am assuming that your Win7 installation is NTFS.

    Have you explored any of these questions?
  11. TeluguKid

    TeluguKid TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Solved ??

    Last night I swapped the atx case and the psu. Seems like the problem is fixed .. well, I shut down 3-4 times during the process of moving things around .. everything worked fine.

    I am not sure if it is related to PSU or not but certainly one other change that I did was.. previously, I was installing Kaspersky Internet Security as a whole .. now, I did a custom install with only the core anti-virus features (without firewall, anti-spam, proactive security etc..).
    This article caught my attention:

    Well .. I will watch with my fingers crossed ... Hope all is well !!

    Thank you for everyone who tried to help me with this issue.

  12. ViNCiLiCiouS

    ViNCiLiCiouS TS Rookie Posts: 30

    This is excellent news!

    I am sorry I couldn't directly solve the problem. I am very unfamiliar with antiviruses and I don't use one due to the resource hog it is.

    I'm going to guess it was probably a combination of the power supply and antivirus. Maybe somehow the extra features caused too much load for the power supply to continuously generate (??? I am clearly grasping at straws)

    Regardless we are now both now in the same boat. Presumably the problem is solved, but once it shows up again its RAGEEE.

    Best of luck, and hopefully you can fully enjoy your PC now,
  13. B00kWyrm

    B00kWyrm TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,436   +37

    With Win7 , your OS provides a good firewall.
    Please make sure that you have not disabled it, since you are no longer protected by the Kaspersky Firewall.
    If you had both enabled, this would have lead to instability.

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