Error 7036

By Puzzledby7036
Feb 26, 2006
  1. Error 7036
    My computer was working fine. I had nothing installed, except Windows update, which run automatically.
    About 15 days ago, it started crashing. The system would freeze, not even the cursor moving. No highly memory demanding programs were being executed. As I checked, it said error 7036 and 7035 every time the system crashed.
    The only way to bring the cpu back to life is to reset. I also have Norton AV, but as I scan the system, I find no virus.
    PLEASE HELP. I do not want to format and install everything again. I have the original Motherboard drivers, and I have never had any compatibility issues (video is onboard). MB: PCChips 925G.
    If anyone has a clue, I'll be eternally thankful.
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