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Mar 15, 2007
  1. hello im a bit of a novice here can anyone explain very simply how to solve this
    when starting up windows i get file not found - c\ windows\ system32\ aqepct \services\ exe not found
    then if i close this it says application not found - same file name. i end up closing this four times in total.
    i have had troajn horse but removed it using avg antivirus - but i dont think its all gone as pop ups occur on internet use.
    i removed pe devicefile also.
    i also get error message saying ipwins.dll file not found.
    i rang computer shop -they suggest reinstalling windows xp but i dont want to do this as it means losing stored games etc or having to save programs on flash drive then reinstalling which im not sure how this works. please help.
  2. riekmaharg2

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    You need more than just antivirus. You should install Spybot - search & destory, you should also get Avast antivirus home edition. Both these software are FREE.
  3. TheVirus21

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    I would try to unistall the program in the control panel, if this doesn't work (most likely won't) try to stop the program from starting with windows. click Start->Run->Type "msconfig" in the run window and press enter or click "ok". in here go to startup tab and look for the the file(s) that are missing and/or uncheck any that have to deal with the programs. Select apply and then ok. it will ask you to restart or exit without restart. restart it to apply the changes and then when windows reboots it there will be a window that comes up about the windows config application check the box to not show the message again and then click ok. This will not remove files assocciated with the programs but it may stop the annoying error messages. If this doesn't work i would also suggest a clean install of windows.
  4. Hangman

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    Both of these comments are good advice. Try them first. If all else fails, then the trojan has embedded itself into the registry.
    You can edit the registry if you dare, or follow the advice of TheVirus21 and do a clean install.
    If the OS is not very old (less than a year since it was initally installed) and you choose to edit the registry, let us know, I'm sure we can talk you through it.
  5. jobob

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    so far have installed spybot and this removed lots of errors. i managed to remove ipwins dll error as there was a program called ipwins in the add/ remove program. i still get the error message i mentioned 4 times. i dont have the pop up problem now.
    any advice on doing clean install to remove annoying messages as computer is about 4 year old. how would i save saved game files then reinstall them
  6. TheVirus21

    TheVirus21 TS Rookie

    Im not sure what you mean by saving game files, if you a referring to backing up saved games you would have to find out where the game stores the files in order to find them and back them up. Course they might just be in the game's root folder in program files or the root (local disk (C:)) . Programs are tricky to back up because they place registry keys in the windows registry. you can sometimes get away with just backing up the program's root folder, however most of the time when you try to run the program on the new copy of windows only having backed up the root folder, it won't work because it is missing files or you may get errors of the sort. your best bet is to find the game cd's.
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