Error writing to drive c?

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Sep 25, 2005
  1. I've got an old gateway box i'm buildnig for my sister. Everything thats in it is OEM to when it was my system. All except for its got no drives right now, just running off the OEM Mobo/cpu. I found a 10gig harddrive that just happened to have a copy of win98 on it. So i installed the harddrive, flashed the bios, booted it up, set the CMOS options to not look for any othe rdrives. It goes to the win98 loading screen and then goes to a blackscreen and says Error Writing to Drive C: and gives the usual retry, ignore, abort optinos. Retry/ignore dont get anything accomplished.

    Any ideas? Might this harddrive be bad?
    I hooked it up as a slave to my personal computer and scanned it for viruses. Nothing. Also created/deleted some files just to make sure that it could be written to. And it both created and deleted filess off of it.
  2. pkroks

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    maybe if you reinstall windows on the drive it may work. you could have a corrupted windows installation because you said it works as a slave...
  3. etherga

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    Bleh, i was hoping i wouldnt have to wipe the drive... Dont have a nother copy of windows layin around :p
  4. pkroks

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    if you don't have another copy of windows lying around then try and get one.. i dono what else to say... :(.

    or you can wait for more people to post if you are unable to get windows. because someone may know what to do and there may be an easier way. sorry i couldn't help enough cheers
  5. urbandragon

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    Try booting to Windows Startup Menu. (Start Tapping F8 when you turn your computer on.)

    If you can get to the Windows Startup Menu. Choose option for Command Prompt.

    Once you have made it to the command prompt try the following command.

    scanreg /restore
  6. patio

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    You could also try traveling to DLoad a Win98SE bootdisk and extract it to a floppy on another machine.
    Then boot up with the floppy in and at the A: prompt type sys C: and hit enter.
    Then remove the floppy and re-boot.

    patio. B)
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