Errors. CPU not responding

By Tomorrow_Rains
Jan 14, 2007
  1. I upgraded the Hard drive on my computer because the old one failed. The old one was a 20gb Now i bought an 80.
    I keep Formatting it, It formats to dos So i can put windows 98se on it. Then When it gets to the loading screen(after all the time and wait) Windows 98 doesnt even load at all..and when i press ctrl+alt+dlt it brings up this HUGE error .(i havent been able to record the Error)

    I might be doing something wrong...

    But here is the list (in order) of what i do.

    Connect The Hard drive to the Computer, Switch the Breaker to MA (master)
    On back of hardrive.
    Connect it to MASTER on the CPU.

    Turn on Computer, Put in System Recovery CD, Load Recovery (then it tells me i need to run FDISK) I run FDISK and Then LOad the Installer.

    Am i doing something wrong? is there a solution for this?

    Here are the System SPECS

    HP Pavilion 8674D
    333mhz OF RAM
    80GB HDD
    Intel Pentium 3 Processor
    (I do not have any other Specifications)

    Thank you very much for your help Its very appreciated
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