Errors with Outlook Express 5

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May 6, 2002
  1. my dads computer is an hp pavillion, and hes been having problems with outlook express 5. it wont let him send email, because when he tries to press the create mail button, it says error, please re install. Ive tried reinstalling, but it wont fix it.

    Then i tried updating to msoe 6 and when i restarted the computer three dll's dont load and an error message shows, before i logon the computer.
    1) inetcomm.dll
    3)ieimport.dll (i think something import)

    i tried copying those files from a working computer with msoe 6 but it doesnt work.
    so i unistalled msoe 6 and went back to 5 to find the same problem, i cant send email.

    so is there a way to completely uninstall msoe5 and reinstall it.

    I have all the windows updates. any ideas?
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    um...if you go to control panel and then add/remove windows components there is something in there...
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    hey, ok he called microsoft support today, to fix the problem, got it fixed and something else happened. his computer freezes (no mouse movement, keyboard) radomly during the day, maybe once or twice in 30 minutes. i cant figure out what the problem is. He has had this problem before on 98, then i moved him to xp still happened, he called hp tech support, they said his comp didnt support xp, put 98 on. we put 98 on, still froze, then we plugged it into a battery back up, and no more freezes, thats when the msoe problem started.

    now we fixed the email problem and we have the crashing. so he brought it to comp usa today, and the first thing they wanted to do, without asking any questions, or even looking at it, was: formatting the computer and reinstalling windows LOL. can we say waste of time. so he continues to ask me to fix, and i cant get it to work. he has an intel pentium 3 700 mhz, 192 mb ram, 7200rpm 20 gig hd, windows 98, all the updates....
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    If you don't mind me asking, how did you fix it? This is so I know how to deal with this in the future. I was going to suggest applying the IE5.5 service pack.

    This suggest something else other than the operating system is at fault. I've had "bad mice" freeze the computer. The first thing I would try is to use another mouse.

    Next I would uninstall any mouse software I have (Like Logitech Mouseware) and then break the discs they came with.

    This mght give you some ideas on what could be causing this:
    Microsoft's KB matches for Windows XP and "Mouse Freeze"
    Microsoft's KB matches for Windows 98 and "Mouse Freeze"

    If you cannot find a resolution for this, I suggest getting a cheap USB mouse. This will probably avoid the complications you are currently having with your PS/2 mouse (if you are using one).
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