Ethernet controller driver tries to install several times

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Sep 23, 2010
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  1. DJBlackbird

    DJBlackbird TS Rookie

    Hi all. I've been following this thread for some time now because I also have the same crap for some time now.

    I've got the Asus N61V series and am using W7 Ultimate. All this what has been described before started about 12 months ago and I couldn't really be bothered about it.
    However, since I needed a NAS drive mapped to the laptop and the the mapping would not complete, I found out that this very phenomenon was causing the malfunction.

    So I cleaned up about 260 instances of the ghost device in the device manager and got rid of all the drivers and entries again.
    Mapped the NAS drive nicely and even the cardreader from my Wifi HP printer started to show up again.

    Having that said, offcourse this Atheros AR8131 PCI-E... blah blah started to install again after every bootup.

    I know it's a old thread but maybe someone has a really good tip to try because It's so annoying to clean up the ghost devices all the time.

    The laptop was in service with Asus before but only to replace a faulty HD so all this started after that.

    Anyone has a golden tip? :)
  2. misor

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  3. DJBlackbird

    DJBlackbird TS Rookie

    Thanks but that procedure unfortunately does not help. The problem stays the same.

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