Euclideon resurfaces with yet another controversial techology demo

Shawn Knight

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Remember Euclideon, the controversial Australian developer whose Unlimited Detail Technology promised to forever revolutionize how games are made? They've resurfaced once again with a new tech demo that, much like last time, is sure to draw ire from the industry's most...

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TS Evangelist
I've been waiting for these guys to pop up again. As a gamer and a programmer, I would love for this to be as real as presented, but I am still not sure how this would technically work.

I'll keep a close eye on it, but I always take this with a grain of salt...


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Ahhhh, yes, I also have a technology, that I can't tell you about or show you, and I am also accepting investments in said technology......


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Ha. The video hardly looked professional. Awkward audio transitions and he sounds like he is using a cheap microphone. At no point did I think I was seeing real-life video. smh


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Why do we have any reason to believe they aren't full of crap?
Also the way he narrated this video was just as cocky and annoying as the original Euclideon crap.


TS Special Forces
I'm still going to keep an open mind and keep an eye on these guys. I'm not saying I'm giving them any money... yet but it definitely looks very interesting if there is any truth to it.


"upgrades it, enriches it, remodulates its color by compounding different values from different angles"
Oh come on!!! Science fiction writers can make up sentences sounding more techie than that!. If you ask me, this guy is a complete liar !


Sounded cocky, and it sounded like he thought he was very clever and witty. I also don't think anybody thought the imagery was 'real' since the camera pans were completely computer based. The video was a bit too self-aware. Just show us some cool stuff you're working on and be modest about it. Let your viewers/customers talk it up.


If anyone remembers Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple Co. with Steve Jobs, revolutionized the way people saw computers. Everyone said he was crazy and that people would never buy that. Many didn't even believe it's potential functionality. And yet they pushed through the accusations and ridiculing, now Apple is one of the largest consumerist technology companies in the world. Now I am not saying, like many of you people posting comments, that I would give these guys a serious investment, because not enough has been demonstrated, but as a community of technologically savvy people, we don't need to be hating on Euclideon and accusing them. You can not believe, but your disbelief doesn't make them liars or scammers For all we know, it could all be real and there could very well be a lot more going on behind the scenes than we know about. I'm not saying I believe this as a whole, but I am not saying I don't believe. All I can say is please don't be hating on them, because I can assure you that if it all is real, those who accused Euclideon of being liars and scammers are going to feel quite silly.

Just my opinion

Thanks for reading :)

(I'm not a Euclideon employee or whatever, trying to make the company seem better... Just in case anyone was speculating about that)