Remember Euclideon, the controversial Australian developer whose Unlimited Detail Technology promised to forever revolutionize how games are made? They've resurfaced once again with a new tech demo that, much like last time, is sure to draw ire from the industry's most prominent figures.

In the clip, Euclideon CEO Bruce Dell gives a quick history lesson on how graphics have progressed through the years before getting to the good stuff, a technology he calls Solidscan.

As Dell describes it, Solidscan takes laser-scanned data, upgrades it, enriches it, remodulates its color by compounding different values from different angles, compresses it down to make it use a small amount of memory and then stream from a hard drive or over the Internet to create the graphics you see in the video.

While the graphics do look incredibly good, they still have a hint of computer generation to them.

Near the end of the clip, Dell goes on a near minute-long sales pitch to those outside of the gaming industry before addressing the real question that most have: will this technology be used in games?

Dell answers with an emphatic yes, explaining that Euclideon is working on two games that use Solidscan technology. He claims they can do animation and it's very good although proof of it is never shown. Instead, Dell said the evidence will remain hidden away until their next video.

Dell adds that his company is opening a games division next year and will discuss potential investments at that time.

So once again, we're left wondering whether or not Euclideon is the real deal or if this is simply the next phase in an incredibly elaborate scam. Dell claims their technology is now being used by some of the biggest companies in the world but again, he never name-drops.

What do you think? Is Euclideon the real deal or have they simply been yanking our chains for the past several years?