Evga GeForce 6200 512MB video card

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Dec 31, 2010
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  1. I was just curious if the was good card for a low end system? I really only play CS 1.6 and use the net to look up football and movies!! i got 50 dollar gift certifacate to best buy so i thought i would get this video card!!!

    1.9ghz athlon xp
    1.5 gigs of ram
    A-bit nf7 mother board
    audigy soundblaster
    pny Geforce 256mb video card
    500 watt power supply
    Windows xp sp3
    160 gig WD 7200rpm
    40 gig 7200 rpm

    That is what im runnning!! I kidna wonder if the 2 gigs of ram im using is making the 256 meg video card lock up my computer!! Not really sure what the deal is though lol!!
  2. Leeky

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    I personally think you'd be better off getting a Geforce 8400GS, or ATi HD4350, or Geforce 210GT for that kind of money. I've no idea which is better of the three, but they're all under 50 bucks.

    I would have recommended the HD4670 if it wasn't over 100 bucks, which is shocking given the price I paid for it here in the UK a year ago!
  3. Tha General

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    Hold up what is your budget?
    don't buy a 6200, its ok for the past, but you want something future proof for a while. So what is your budget?
  4. EDO219

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  5. jeremy1982

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    Well budget would not be over 100!! But yeah i got best buy gift certificate for 50 bucks for christmas and looking to upgrade my video card!! I stopped at best buy today and they didn't have crap so yeah budget is 100 bucks since money is tight right now!!

    Any feed back is great, im a newbie when it comes to this stuff lol!! i just want something that will run better than what i have!! I don't have the money to go buy a high end computer at the moment so im trying to upgrade and make due with what I have, if its even possible with how old my computer is lol!!
  6. Tha General

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    Can you shop at newegg?


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