EVGA RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin launches with two 16-pin power connectors, $2,500 price tag,...

Tudor Cibean

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Why it matters: The EVGA RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin is one of the first graphics cards on the market equipped with two 16-pin power connectors, allowing overclockers to push it further than other 3090 Ti models. It also features a 360mm AIO with an extra fan dedicated to cool the VRM and ships with a 1600W power supply included in the hefty price tag.

EVGA's RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin is now available, three months after the launch of Nvidia's flagship Ti model GPU. This graphics card is the company's highest-end SKU designed mainly for extreme overclocking, as evidenced by the onboard voltage monitoring headers and a BIOS switch with Normal, OC, and LN2 settings.

The Kingpin has a hybrid cooling solution consisting of a 360mm AIO liquid cooler and an extra fan on the card itself to cool the monstrous 24-phase VRM. It also ships with a built-in OLED display, which allows you to monitor voltages, temperatures, clocks, and more.

EVGA's flagship features dual 16-pin power connectors, making it one of the first cards on the market with such a configuration. As there are currently no PSUs with two 16-pin cables, the company developed the PowerLink 52u adapter, allowing you to use five 8-pin connectors instead. Using that would give the Kingpin a total power budget of 825W (5 x 150W plus another 75W from the PCIe slot).

EVGA is bundling the graphics card with its SuperNOVA 1600 P2 power supply. However, if you're looking to run two of these cards, you might want to upgrade to the SuperNOVA 2000 G+, which luckily comes with exactly ten 8-pin power connectors.

The EVGA RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin is available on the company's website for $2,499.

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I wouldn't buy Ti with any of current batch of PSU. Wait and get one with proper 16 pin GPU power or don't bother. 3090/3090Ti and 3080/Ti are known for intermittent spikes. I had that with my (normal) 3090 and that exact SuperNova 1600W PSU. First short term used 1200W P2 and then bought new super compact 1000W model and problem solved itself instantly. It wasn't as bad as triggering the fuse as with running such behemoth VGA on 750 or 850W models, but weird resets happened at various intervals until I nailed it was PSU. Since I switched I haven't encounter any weird behavior and rendered thousands of items.

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At that wattage people need to consider the electric load. Bedrooms on a 15 amp 120 volt circuit running continously may need to minimize use of any other appliances.