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Feb 20, 2002
  1. I'm planning to put a computer in my entertainment center. The system will be located in a space that measures about 45in x 22in x 20in (1143mm x 559mm x 508mm). The PC will sit next to an amp that already keeps the area pretty toasty. I would prefer to vent the area rather than having to keep a door open all of the time. I'm considering purchasing a 120mm 68.9cfm@30db computer fan w/fan guard to blow air out of the entertainment center into a space that is open to the attic. The fan w/guard is around $22. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?
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    Cooling Resources:

    Here's my Cooling Resources:

    You might also try a homewares store (HomeDepot, Lowes) for 3" ductwork, sheetmetal or flexable (bathroom exhaust fan stuff)

    I'd mount a fan & filter intake, then exhaust rear to ductwork. Depending where you room is located, you might vent into an uninsulated wall, especially if it's a closet wall void or plumbing void.
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    The fan that I was thinking of buying is a 120mm Panaflo. I'm planning to power it directly using an external power source. The fan will be mounted to a "wall" consisting of 1/2" drywall with 1/2" plywood behind it. I'm planning to screw the fan to the plywood through the drywall.
    I like some of the accessories such as the fan ducts that PCMods has. A duct should provide some noise reduction and give the hole a finished look. I think I'm going to go with the high output fan rather than the 68.9cfm though. Thanks for the links guys!
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    Don't forget Coolerguys for fans, they have quiet a selection.
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    If you are venting the fan to an outside or non-living area, you should consider a bug/bird screen to keep the "creatures" out.
    this would slow down air flow from a axial (blade) type fan.
    since you are considering a duct anyway, you could place amore powerful fan (squirel cage type)in the attic, sucking the air out.
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    Cooling fans

    I use a YS Tech fan to cool my SuperMicro case and it moves like 40 CFM of air. At only 60x60 its very small yet very powerful. It is a bit noisy but man it moves the air.

    Take care

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