Explorer Keeps Crashing

By Terrel
Nov 9, 2004
  1. Greetings!

    Hoping against hope someone will be able to help...

    Explorer keeps crashing on me. (Not IE, mind you). It usually happens as I'm opening or closing various windows, often IE windows. This has been happening ever since I reinstalled Win98 over itself.

    Here are the details on the error message...

    EXPLORER caused a general protection fault
    in module GDI.EXE at 0001:00004aea.
    EAX=00006db0 CS=04bf EIP=00004aea EFLGS=00000206
    EBX=00000001 SS=1ac7 ESP=0000c300 EBP=0000c328
    ECX=000036ae DS=2e8f ESI=00000060 FS=0000
    EDX=80c8503f ES=503f EDI=00000074 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    f3 67 a5 66 83 d1 00 f3 67 a4 66 8b 4e 0a c3 66
    Stack dump:
    062f4a93 00000001 00020000 000116a7 0c9f0000 c32c0858 1

    Here are some other issues that may or may not be related...

    1. I ran System File Checker, and had 2 files that were bad...


    I opted to update both.

    Did so, and then windows kept crashing upon boot...msimn problem, or something.

    Bottom Line, had to reinstall windows98 again, and explorer keeps crashing.

    2. Whenever Windows Critical Update runs, it always has me update the same 2 files, KB837009, which has something to do with Outlook Express, and another file, KB19696.

    3. A friend of mine had me check gdi.exe. I checked its properties, and while the version was apparently correct, as was the size, the bytes used was high. He suggested some sort of virus or trojan. I have updated and run Antivir, as well as used the online symantec scan and another recommended elsewhere ....nothing detected though

    Any help is appreciated! :)
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