External hard drives not showing up


I'm not completely certain that I understood your situation. I wonder if it's possible to clarify the question? Otherwise Disk Management is a good place to start looking for a missing HDD.
If the HDD is brand new you might need to initialize it. This is needed if below the disk it says “Not Initialized”. Right-click on the Disk that says “Not Initialized” and click “Initialize Disk”. Then you will have the option to choose between MBR and GPT. If the drive is more than 2 TB you should use GPT, if not you could use MBR as well. Once the Disk is listed as Basic and online right click the unallocated space and click create a “New Simple Volume”. For the file system choose “NTFS” if you want to use the HDD on Windows.

Hope that helps.


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Yep, the question is lacking enough detail to respond to properly. Sure we could guess, but its a pretty risky guess - well no risk for us, but for example if you do what Techpumpkin_WD says and you had data on those drives, now that data is 'gone' and to have a chance of getting it back you are going to have to go to other measures.

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SNGX1275 Thank you for noticing. By tuyet nguyen if you have any information on this HDDs Initializing and/or formatting the drive will result in losing all the data stored there. The steps I have explained are applicable only for drives that are empty or if you don't mind losing the information stored on them.