External Storage Hard Drive Problems

By rcmalick
Feb 14, 2007
  1. I use 2 external hard drives as storage drives. one is for my normal user files and one is for synchronization to be used as a backup location. The normal user files operates a 200GB IDE hard drive in a storage case and works perfectly. The second one is also a 200BG storage drive in a storage case and works for a brief period of time and then will not be recognized.
    Machine: HP Pavilion 1 year old with SATA 80GB hard drive. Windows XP Pro SP2 system. Both Storage drives are connected thru USB.

    The one that gives repeated problems is a replacement for one that also gave similar problems. Both have been in teh same storage case. The drive, over time is not recognized by the operating system. It eventually refuses to recognize the drive. Then, by reformatting and starting afresh, it will work for a short time. But eventually become nonrecognizable again.
    What is the solution? Can 2 USB storage drives be used at the same time? Could the storage case itself be causing the problem? What would be the correct settngs for the drives -- both slaves? both cable select? Is there another solution?
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    I'm not sure about your main question. But drives should be set to master before using them in external enclosures. And yes, you can run more than 1 USB hd at once.
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