Facebook is reportedly going to change its name


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Well, he got rich off selling ads on the website, the idea made him no money or fame at all.

Oh I think the idea made him lots of money. You won't get advertising dollars for a shitty web site. Facebook has survived when many other social sites have crashed and burned. That said, the idea of Facebook is not a bad idea. The implementation, however, has made FB nothing more than a biased, cesspool of over-reaching fact checkers whose only goal is to manipulate the narrative to suit Zuckerberg's whims.

Soon, we will all be saying, remember when FB was around?


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T.E.O.H = The Enslavement Of Humanity

That would be the proper name for them and their plans.
They should also just come out in the open and admit it, most people with more than 2 neurons can already see this...


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Yeeees, yes, goooood, very good indeed - restructure the corporate affairs of the organization to neatly segment all of it's bits and pieces into subsidiaries and branches. That way when Facebook is forced to be broken up it will be all the more easily done


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After fb rename, I'm quite convinced zuckerberg will also make a new version of facebook or instagram that is targeted for business to directly compete with linkedin. most individuals in business still use whatsapp anyway so they might now collect your data right in front of your face.



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What a joke, Mark Zuckerberg is doing everything he can to save his dubious reputation. He would love to be seen as the inventor of the ‘metaverse’, despite Second Life and more recent, Epic Games with Fortnite successfully did that way before his attempt. He so desperately wants to save his reputation and be admired like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are admired, he will go to great lengths for that. (see project Amplify on the NY times)

With "project Amplify" well underway I wouldn’t be surprised that this name change is a part of that project and they want to detach Mark from the (deserved) negative press and his responsibility and place him on some sort of self created inventors pedestal.

Unfortunately for Mark Zuckerberg, he is (rightly so) known by many as a moral incompetent money grabber, who with his polarizing hate for profit platforms, in just 10 years time, has brought polarization to a boiling point no matter the subject, ruined democracies and eroded the collective trust and intellect by turning every 3rd person into a narcissist.

And he wants us to look up to him?
GTFO, I’ve flushed down turds that I admire more!
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I wanted to open a profile on MyFace, like everyone else, but I was too late. They bankrupted. The domain is for sale.