Failed Israeli lunar lander Beresheet had a secret biological payload


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I dont see a big deal here, space doesn't belong to anyone neither does the moon so we can send whatever we want up there......
The point is not to biologically contaminate space if we can possibly avoid it. Early in the space race this wasn't a concern but now we're more aware of the possibilities. On the Moon it probably will not be a concern but if anything biological from Earth makes it's way to a more hospitable place like Enceladus or Europa, that could be a disaster.
disaster? please elaborate.. new life-forms could come to existence, how exactly is that a disaster?
edit: I saw you already had more posts below the one I responded to, thanks for explaining the reason for your thoughts ^_^


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Who breaks international rules? Yeah, Israel again. It's always Israel who breaks all the laws and rules, then blame it on someone else.

John Staerck

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"Whether water bears could survive the radiation is unclear, but as they are in a dormant dehydrated state and encased in resin. There is no chance they will be revived without human intervention."

Then what was the point of sending them? To wait for the arrival of the rest of us?