'Failed to connect to a windows service' problem?

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Jan 26, 2008
  1. Sophia

    Sophia TS Rookie

    Point Taken :approve:
  2. bobber921

    bobber921 TS Rookie

    windows service failed to connect

  3. bobber921

    bobber921 TS Rookie

    windows service failed to connect

    Mark thank you I am new to self repair really glad I found your thread on google thanks AGAIN
  4. KR13

    KR13 TS Rookie

    Windows service failed to connect


    I've been having this problem for a few days when I googled it and came upon this thread. I followed the instructions posted by Markiepoos and it worked and the laptop logged on in seconds and the error message had gone. Thank Goodness!

    However, it still will not let me connect to the Internet. I've tried rebooting, pulling out all the connections and plugs etc and waiting at least half an hour but nothing is working. I've checked the Internet connection, it says it's got limited connection and suggests I move closer to the hub - I was sat next to it!

    Any thoughts? Is it something I can fix or could it be that my service provider was having problems?
  5. arditi2288

    arditi2288 TS Rookie

    the same problem1

    Thank u for everything!
    I have the same problem but I can't get >start, Service Status, it is stopped and when I try to get start it, it take a window that show "Error 1084: This service cannot be started in Safe Mode"
    Can u help me!
  6. jlucianoms

    jlucianoms TS Rookie

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  7. jlucianoms

    jlucianoms TS Rookie

    Hi Markiepoos,

    But do you know why this happen ?

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