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Mar 19, 2009
  1. Hi,
    I hope this is the good forum for my question. If not please point me to a better one.

    Whenever I start my Toshiba A30 notebook the fan starts running in an audible way. However, the HD remains at about 32 to 35° C , according to speedfan. In addition, from time to time, the fan accelerates and gets really noisy.

    I also tried to control the CPU temperature because I thought this were the reason of the continuously running fan but neither SpeedFan nor BatteryStatus (which also provides CPU and HD temperature) can monitor it.

    In addition, sometimes the notebook just shuts down, without any warning. I now put the end of notebook an a bar so that the air can always pass under the pc, and I have the impression that this helps.

    I would like to stop the always running fan and reduce its noise.

    Can my RAM extension be the reason ?

    To make the A30 run better and be able to install WinXP SP3 I upgraded it from 256 MB to 2,0 GB RAM which is the maximum RAM size according to the manual. I used the Kingston website for selecting and purchasing the CPU so I guess I bought the good extensions.

    If the RAM extension were the reason of the fan always running this would mean that if the A30 gets the full load of RAM it overheats. Right ?

    Are there people here on the forum who had the same problem with a noisy notebook after upgrading the RAM ?


    - ft
  2. Tmagic650

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    Make sure that your laptops cooling fins and fan(s) are clean and free of dust and debris. Speedfan's temp readings are not always accurate
  3. AtK SpAdE

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    The addition of some ram should not cause your notebook to overheat. Instead, as suggested, it is most likely dust that is trapped. You should pick up a can of air, and spray the notebook out. It may be a good idea to remove the door that the RAM or HD are under. You can then point the air into those openings and blow the dust out through the heatsink/fan hole.

    You also mentioned something about your Hard Drive temp. But that is not what is going to keep your fan on. Instead look for the temp of the CPU. Software like speedfan can have conflicts with sensors espcially in notebooks. It may show the temp in BIOS which should be the most accurate way. Write back here what the CPU temp is at idle.
  4. ftr

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    In the meantime I found a detailed description how to clean the cooling system, and it is even written for my notebook, a Toshiba A30. What makes me scary is that the author proposes to eliminate some thermal paste and at the end to glue the ventilator again with termal paste. The forum does not let me post the link I so I write it here in a more hidden way :
    If you commit any error here your laptop will be gone.

    So you mean that with spraying the interior of the notebook I get the same effect (without spraying the dust in direction of the RAM or the Hard Drive, I suppose).
  5. kevinc565

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    I bought a hp dv5-1110em yesterday. since then the fan has been running constantly.

    I've googled this problem but haven't found any easy solutions.

    I have now changed the bios setting to disable the fan "always on" option. This has helped a little but the fan is still on 90% of the time and is really distracting.

    What's worse is my 2 yo dell inspiron 6400 runs silently....

    any ideas?
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