Fans keep running while in Standby

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Sep 29, 2009
  1. This problem started occuring a couple weeks ago. Up until then it didn't happen.

    When I put my desktop into standby mode, everything happens normally except all the fans continue to run. I found people with similar problems, but couldn't find a clear solution or cause.

    I did read it could be from the graphics driver. I did recently update the driver for my Nvidia GeForce FX 5600, and it seems to fit the timeframe. Could this be the cause and if so how could I fix it? Is there other things in the system that must be updated (BIOS?) for the computer to work with the new driver?

    ***After my initial post, I went back and did a roll back on my video driver. This did not correct the problem. So I don't know what it could be. Was working fine before. Could a windows update cause it?

    Any information would be appreciated :cool:
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    I don't know what the cause was but try a System Restore to a point before the problem started and see if that fixes it. Any program installs and updates done since then will have to be done again but you can do them one at a time slowly to see if any of them may have responsible.
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    One reason could simply be that your system is running hotter. I have seen this before. Over time all yoru software gets larger and more processor intensive. Consequently, your processor runs hotter and the fans are driven faster and longer. Another reason could be dust buildup in your chassis. Best to remove the casing and blow out any excessive dust.

    Keep in mind that Windows does not directly control the fan speed. That's primarily the job of the BIOS. You might want to boot into BIOS and check the fan settings or maybe reset BIOS to defaults and save the new settings. Windows can indirectly alter fan speed but in that case you install a special fan control program to do it.

    -- Andy
  4. gbhall

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    I have seen this fault and another like it (the optical mouse led stays on when the Pc is switched off). This is down to 'standby power' still being drawn by a USB device - typically a USB add-on drive.

    My add-on drive is self-powered, and if I switch it off before closing down windows, the mouse goes out too. If I don't switch it off, the USB drive powers down to standby, but the mouse stays lit.

    You could try powering off any USB devices - especially those which are self-powered - before you down Windows.
  5. jstluise

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    Sorry for the late response...just haven't had the time to troubleshoot it some more.

    I did try running the system restore to restore it back to a point where I knew it worked properly. Unfortunately all the attempts at restoration failed. Now, for some reason Windows won't recognize my firewall and antivirus that's installed. That's another issue and it doesn't really matter...I just don't like using the system restore because something always seems to get screwed up.

    Maybe I should have mentioned some background info about the computer. This problem started happening not too long after (2 weeks maybe) I installed a new hard drive with a fresh install of Windows XP Home Edition. The other drive became severely corrupted due to a bad memory module (which has now been replaced). Anyways, the new drive I bought uses the SATA connection, where the old one used the IDE connection, if that matters. I also have a back up internal hard drive that uses SATA...I've been running this for a long time with no problems.

    So, as far as my software's less than it usually is just because I haven't added much stuff since the new drive. Only the essentials along with any updates were installed. Also, all the dust was blown out when I had to take it apart to install the new drive.

    I will try the idea with the USB devices. All I have is a USB mouse and a printer hooked up but I might as well rule that one out.

    Thanks everyone for the help :cool:
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