Fans Running Full Speed After Update-not connected to motherboard

By Gallucci
Oct 25, 2015
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  1. Hello,

    I had updated my ystem to windows 10 and my fan speed immediately is staying a constant 4900 RPMs, even while in power saver mode and only having the internet open. The task managaer also has CPU usage under 10%, so I don't think it is cause of background processes. I have looked everywhere for a solution and tried using fanspeed. However, even though fanspeed shows my fan's RPM's, it doesnt show any options for actually changing the fan speed. I then tried looking in BIOS, but there was also no fan speed control options there. My only conclusion is that the fans aren't connected to the motherboard on this laptop. If it isn't connected to the motherboard, then what IS it connected to, and is there an way I can get these fans under control without reverting back to windows 8?

    NOTE: I also have an ubuntu partition on this laptop, and when Ishut down and boot in ubuntu mode, the fans run normally and quietly.

    ASUS Q550LF-BSI7T21 Core i7, 15.6" FHD Touchscreen 8GB, 1TB HD, Nvidia GT745M 2GB (Certified Refurbished)
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