Alienware 17 r5 Why is my internet speed being reduced to 30 download and 0.4 upload. Normally 900 up and down

I use an Alienware 17 r5 and I recently did an upload and download speed test on the speedtest website. I got 30 down and 0.4 up... I don't know what's causing the problem and I've tried looking up any solutions or similar cases with my model of alienware laptop and I haven't found anything. My brother says that there's nothing I can do because it is probably the laptop (the motherboard) I'm using. My brother when running a speed test gets 900 up and down (obviously on the same internet). I genuinely don't know how I haven't noticed this until now but are there any known solutions. Also, we both did tests with ethernet and it still proved to be useless for me. So this issue is happening on my wireless connection and on my ethernet connection. To touch more on my brother's line of reasoning he says that my motherboard is responsible because both the wifi and ethernet are both connected through it and because I have slow internet speed on both it might be that the problem starts there due to the motherboard not supporting it. ALSO a helpful bit of information is that my brother had the same problem when using the same model of laptop as me. He said that using a usb to ethernet helped but did not fully fix the problem. In conclusion: Someone please help and if there are any solutions to this problem please let me know.


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The motherboard won't be slowing the network transfer rate down -- it's going to be either a driver issue or a hardware setting/BIOS configuration issue. Start by using Dell's support pages to eliminate the former: