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By ghostbusterhull
Nov 3, 2009
  1. Hi
    I have a computer (details below) that was stripped and custom built from parts. It then worked perfectly fine until i replaced it with a new one. it then had it's hard drive wiped. I am now attempting too get it working too use with my new TV purly for watching stuff. I've got a copy of window's 98 loaded onto it (it was the only version i could get too work) but now seven time out of ten when loading it come up with
    'Fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:xxxxxx (the first four digit's seem to be the same but the rest change's)'
    Ive tried uninstalling window and started again but still get the fatal error.
    When i actually get into window 98 when ever i try anything this same problem eventually occurs
    Any one know what's wrong?

    Because i'm a newbie, don't know whats relevant, so i'll give you what i know.
    The computer is a tower cpu pulled together by my brother in law. It was working fine as a main computer, then we replaced it with a whole new system. Somewhere along the line my brother removed the hard drive and wiped it. The details are: processer amd sepmpron, Hard drive is oaktech mscd001 20048k 512bytes 2 sectors and 64 directory entries. even though there's only half a dozen things when you run a dir on dos. i'm trying to load up any operating system that will work. but so far only have an official win95 version that does anything. The boot disc is a win98. Downloaded boot discs have been unsuccessful. I've opened it up, and have been unsuccessful in finding any more information. I hope this helps. If any more info is needed i may have to be told where to get it from.
    Everyone's been great so far i hope someone can help.
  2. ghostbusterhull

    ghostbusterhull TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Help, please
    Do we need more info, is this problem terminal, am i not explaining myself?
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