File Encryption Prgm_Actually Works in Vista x64

By phkhgh
Mar 7, 2009
  1. Been looking & reading everywhere for a relatively simple file encryption prgm that doesn't have SOME kind of problem / limitation in Vista x64 (hm prem).

    True Crypt might work - way overkill for what I need. How easy is it in True Crypt (in Vista x64) to encrypt / decrypt ONE file that you have a shortcut to on desktop?

    Someone suggested latest ver of 7 Zip - now has 256 bit encryption?
    Not trying to defeat the CIA here.

    Tried AxCrypt - it runs - sort of. Except says for it to show in Explorer shell, have to force windows to use the 32 bit Explorer. That potentially creates other problems. It worked great in XP.

    Tried Androsa File Protector - says runs in Vista, but again doesn't show in Explorer shell & wouldn't even add files to encrypt.

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