Firefox Java plugin problems

By Cheescakepirate · 7 replies
Nov 17, 2011
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  1. I saw that someone posted a good post on this issue, even though It didn't fix my problems, better then most other forums I have tried to get help from. I have found out that java was hanging up my computer to a crawl, had to go into registry and delete the nodes that was making it impossible to uninstall or reinstall. Anyways, to the issue, Firefox does not appear to recognize the java plugin. I have tested it out on java games, chat rooms, etc. It says it's not installed. Any suggestions?
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,158   +986

    go to Add/Remove Programs
    look for Java
    uninstall it.

    Now go back and download a fresh copy (ie the latest)
    the Java Plugin will be seen as the Tools->Add-ons->Java
    you can enable/disable from there
  3. Cheescakepirate

    Cheescakepirate TS Member Topic Starter

    Not that simple, I have done that several times, it would give me an error or some dumb message. i had to go into the registry to delete multiple sets of nodes left over from java, all the times I installed and unintalled it to fix the problem. While it fixed some of the hanging issues, firefox does not see it as installed nor it seems programs that use it to run. So, addon's has no such named plugin in it when I open it up.
  4. bobcat

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    When you ask for advice, it’s best to give all info on what you’ve done already and how, so that advisors can start from there.

    So, how did you uninstall Java, from the Windows CP Add/Remove…? If so, it probably didn’t do a good job. It’s also possible that some “nodes’ you deleted in the registry did damage. Try again, install it and uninstall it using Revo Uninstaller at the advanced mode, at best get the pro version – you can get it on free trial if you don’t want to buy it. If you get stuck on installing/uninstalling, you can force uninstallation by giving the program name in the Revo pro. Then do what jobeard said.

    Needless to say you’ve got to be careful what you delete in the Revo advanced mode, but you seem to know your way about.
  5. Rabbit01

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    I haven't tried Revo Uninstaller before, but ccleaner has helped me in the past to clean-up the registry when I ran into uninstall/reinstall problems. Just remember to click ok and have the program backup the registry before the cleaning process. Just in case.
  6. Cheescakepirate

    Cheescakepirate TS Member Topic Starter

    Honestly, I didn't want to write the whole story again, this is my 6th damn tech site. It sure didn't seem to hurt my registry, anyways, I give up, I bought win 7, screw it. Thanks again, but I just figured said will this be another process that ends up no where? So, spent the money, backed up, waiting for it to come in mail.
  7. CAMusing

    CAMusing TS Enthusiast Posts: 179

  8. Cheescakepirate

    Cheescakepirate TS Member Topic Starter

    I'll bookmark it and use if I need it for 7, just in case. Thanks.

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