Build a PC First ever PC build - black screen!


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Hey guys,

so as the thread says, this is my first pc build and its turning into a nightmare!

First off everything booted up fine and installed windows onto my computer and it worked great accept for the graphics card was not working and it was using the onboard one. Anyway i turned my computer off and decided to work on it this morning but now when i turn on my pc the screen is black!! As a said it was working fine yesterday and now it wont show me anything...i didnt make any adjustment last night and i have checked the obvious this morning with no success.

oh and also when i turn the computer on it cuts out after 0.5 secs and the turns itself back on in about 3 secs after is this a problem? it runs fine? this issue had occured before black screen


Spec - Motherboard ASUS P8H67-M PRO
Processer - i5 2300
Ram - Corsair 2x 4gb
Powersupply - 450W
Graphics Card - Gainward GeForce GTX 460
Monitor - LG Flatron W1946 16:9


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If you had pc working with on-board graphics, does it work ok if you take out the graphic card and use the motherboard VGA output?
If the graphic card has never worked, check if it needs any extra power connectors from the PSU.


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ok so i fixed the black screen to my motherboard graphics unit (onboard graphics) but i still can get the graphics card to isnt even being recognised by windows, when i put the driver disk in it says "no devices for these drivers" and it doesnt show up in systems.

I have tried going into bios and here is what i have done.

1.Render standby = disabled
2. Initiate graphic adapter = PEG/PCI
this did nothing still some problem so i tried.

1.Render standby = disabled
2. Initiate graphic adapter = PCI/PEG
and guess what....Nothing! lol

other options in bios are = iGPU, PCI/iGPU, PEG/iGPU
but from what i read i dont want iGPU enabled.

Could i have a dodgy card? also i am running the minimum power supply for it but i still think the device should be recognised.

Same problem

I started having the exact same problem a few days ago, also with an ASUS 08 H67-M EVO board. I come up in the morning and the power LED is on but no HD activity and nothing wakes it up. It's not just the display won't come on as caps-lock doesn't doing anything (you see the LED on the keyboard turn on/off).

How did you fix the black screens to your onboard graphics?

I am using the onboard graphics exclusively with a dual monitor (2560x1600,1600x1200) setup.

I had been having problems similar to this but they seemed to go away when I moved my SATA connection to the 6GB port as advised with the Intel recall. All was working fine for a couple weeks and then I started having this exact same problem.

Not sure if it is good news or not but our machines only seem to share the motherboard. Maybe the replacement I should be getting shortly for the recall will fix it.

Power supply wise, I never go above about 90w.
Memory: 2x4gb G-Skill 1333Mhz
processor: i7-2600K
hard drive: Seagate 1.5TB Barracuda 7200.11, connected to SATA 6 port
Power Supply: Seasonic 460w fl
case: antec mini p180
no DVD drive connected
no over clocking

Also, I have a 2nd nearly identical setup that is working fine.


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When assembling a new system, try doing everything out of the casing and make sure everything works fine before putting them into the case, You should also install softwares to the system and restart a couple of times over.

Note that this is just a suggestion to make the task easy for you, not some standard or requirement or any such thing.

You should make sure the motherboard while outside the casing is sitting on an insulator and also that the storage drives and other components do not sit on or touch the motherboard while in operation.
Good advice on building the machine out of the case, which I did. This machine actually was working fine. Even the hangs I had originally (which seemed to be fixed by moving the HD to a 6GB SATA port) only occurred about every 2 days. In those cases, the freeze would happen with the display on, still showing my complete desktop, often while I was using the computer.

I've had the machine now for over a month and it was just in the last week or so this new hang started where the screen stays blank as if it just won't come out of sleep, but it isn't sleeping as I have the "sleep" timeout set to "never" and the power light is on solid where as it flashes when it is sleeping. This hang always happens when I am not around and the display has turned off. Using a program that logs a time stamp to a file every minute, I can see that the hang happens anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours after I leave the machine.

Since I exclusively use the on-board video, I just tried setting the BIOS CPU mode to "iGPU", 128M of memory, render standby=disable, multi-monitor=off. Looks like the multi-monitor mode is for mixed on-board/discrete video card modes. It doesn't seem to have any impact on multi-monitor using only on-board graphics. I am using the Display Port and HDMI ports. I'll see if these latest changes have any impact.

New MO-BO should be in the mail shortly so see if that fixes it.


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The way i fixed my screen was to reset the motherboard using the can find out how to do this in the MB instruction manual, worked a treat for me.

When i booted back up it told me the error was due to the computer crashing whilst in sleep mode. I havent had a problem since!
Bennyboy, thanks for the tip. This gives me hope that the new motherboard will solve my issues. The BIOS changes I made to the displays settings had no impact (iGPU, 128M, render:disable, multi-monitor:disable).

I also just installed the new BIOS 1305 this morning after a black screen hang overnight. That seemed to reset all the BIOS settings so maybe that will have a similar impact to reseting the board.

The crashes I had due to the SATA issue seemed to often happen just after coming out of sleep mode, so maybe it is related to what you had.

So nothing I ever tried related to sleep made any difference. Finally, after reading another post, I changed by RAM voltage in the BIOS from 1.50 to 1.56 and my machine seems to no longer be hanging. It's been about 3 days, the longest period I have had yet without a hang.


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You should at this stage go for a replacement mobo if you have your warranty intact from the retailer. It is not normal to have a mobo that will have you spend more time troubleshooting than working!!!.
You should at this stage go for a replacement mobo if you have your warranty intact from the retailer. It is not normal to have a mobo that will have you spend more time troubleshooting than working!!!.

Totally agree so I got on the list for replacements back in February for two nearly identical machines. One worked flawlessly but the other didn't. Finally got one of the replacements a couple weeks ago with high hopes it would fix my problem machine. It didn't.

So this hang, which seems to be across mother board manufacturers seems more to have to do with memory interacting with the processor or chipset. In my case, the memory is on the approved memory list.

The memory voltage change from this thread has however fixed my problem. I am still waiting for either NewEgg or ASUS to send me a replacement for my other machine.