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By Sled4fun
Oct 11, 2007
  1. Hello......I'm new to the forum and am looking for a program to do the following.

    I have a program (our main program for business) that is used on 5 computers in various rooms of our company. Each morning (every 24 hrs) the program requires that it be backed up (using it's backup utility on the server) The backup utility will not work (and will prompt you) if anyone is still in the program at their workstation. If it prompts you, you then have to go around to every room looking for who forgot to exit out of the program at the close of the previous day and close the program at that terminal.

    I know that windows has a task scheduler program to start programs, but are there any programs that I can put on each terminal that using task scheduler will "CLOSE" the program so I don't have to deal with hunting down the stray terminal left with the program running?

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    see this page and download Kill.exe its a command line tool and requires you to know a little bit about DOS, extract it to a folder and make sure its somewhere its not likely to be deleted from such as the winnt\system folder

    To find out how it works copy Kill.exe to the C:\ drive, now open up a dos prompt and change to the root of the drive using the CD \ command

    Now open task manager and find a process that you dont mind stopping for now, if your not sure which to choose just open Notepad and leave it sat on the desktop.

    Now in the dos box type kill notepad ( you dont need the exe bit on the end) and watch as the notepad is magically closed.

    create a batch file script to end the process that the program runs (in task manager find the program exe file and make a note of it.)

    For example the batch file may look like this

    cd c:\windows\system\
    kill program.exe (change to the name of the program)

    save the batch file to the same place as Kill.exe

    Now schedule a task to run the batch file at a time of your liking, you will of course need to add this on each PC.

    If however you want to do it all from the server with no need to create 5 different tasks then download "shutdown,exe", this handy little tool allows the remote logoff\shutdown\restart of any PC on the network, again its a command line tool and requires a little bit of playing with to get used to it, however I find it an invaluable tool as you can set it to shut down a PC and kill any hanging tasks.

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